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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Margaret (correctly) guess is making inquiries about Frederick's returning to England after she moves to London?
(a) Mr. Hale.
(b) Mr. Thornton.
(c) Mrs. Thornton.
(d) Dixon.

2. Who tells Margaret about her father's death?
(a) Dixon.
(b) Bessy.
(c) Mr. Bell.
(d) Mr. Thornton.

3. What does Margaret do after the police inspector comes to her house?
(a) Runs out the back door.
(b) Cries.
(c) Faints.
(d) Confesses.

4. How does Nicholas feel about books?
(a) He worships them.
(b) He thinks they have secret messages inside.
(c) He doesn't trust them.
(d) He is afraid of them because he can't read.

5. How does Frederick announce his return to the Hale household?
(a) He rings the morning breakfast bell.
(b) He comes home singing his favorite song.
(c) He rings the doorbell.
(d) He has a messenger deliver a letter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attacks Frederick at the train station?

2. At the large dinner party with the Lennoxes and Shaws, what does Margaret thank Henry Lennox for?

3. What causes Frederick to leave town in a hurry?

4. Why is Mr. Thornton afraid to hire Nicholas?

5. Who escorts Frederick to the train station when he leaves Milton?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Mr. Thornton and Nicholas seal the deal when Mr. Thornton finally offers Nicholas a new job?

2. How does Margaret respond to Mr. Bell's surprise to take her to Helstone?

3. Why is Mr. Thornton fearful of Nicholas after he refuses to give him work?

4. What causes the police inspector to be suspicious of Margaret?

5. Why is Nicholas still out of work after the strike?

6. Why does Nicholas not want to break the news of Boucher's death to Boucher's wife?

7. After Bessy dies, why does Margaret bring a drunk Nicholas back to her house?

8. Why does Margaret initially refuse to give Mr. Thornton any credit for helping her and her brother with the police investigation?

9. Why does Mrs. Thornton confront Margaret about being in the train station with someone she suspects is her lover?

10. How does Mr. Thornton find out that Margaret has a brother?

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