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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks Mrs. Thornton to visit the dying Mrs. Hale?
(a) Mr. Hale.
(b) Mr. Thornton.
(c) Dixon.
(d) Margaret.

2. Why does Mr. Lennox take Margaret to the seaside?
(a) To try to win her over.
(b) To keep her away from the people trying to kill her.
(c) To let her get even more depressed.
(d) To isolate her from the illness sweeping the country.

3. For what reason is the inquest into Leonards' death stopped?
(a) For lack of medical evidence.
(b) Because Margaret won't cooperate.
(c) Because the witnesses keep changing their stories.
(d) Because it is ruled an accident.

4. Who informs Margaret that Bessy has died?
(a) Dr. Donaldson.
(b) Ruthie.
(c) Mr. Thornton.
(d) Dixon.

5. Who inherits Mr. Bell's fortune?
(a) His three children.
(b) Mrs. Thornton because she is his cousin.
(c) Nicholas.
(d) Margaret.

6. Whom does Mr. Bell think Margaret must have been at the train station with?
(a) Mr. Thornton.
(b) Henry Lennox.
(c) Her father.
(d) Henricks.

7. Who comes to Margaret's house to inquire about her health?
(a) The mailman.
(b) The tailor.
(c) Mr. Thornton.
(d) The minister.

8. At the large dinner party with the Lennoxes and Shaws, what does Margaret thank Henry Lennox for?
(a) Helping her go through her father's papers.
(b) Helping out with Dixon.
(c) Helping her out of her family's horrible situation.
(d) Helping out her brother.

9. How does Margaret feel when she returns from the seaside?
(a) Very achy from all the cold swimming.
(b) Very achy from all the cold fog in the mornings.
(c) Much healthier.
(d) Much more depressed.

10. What false errand does Margaret apologize for sending Nicholas on?
(a) Asking Mr. Thornton for a job.
(b) Trying to adop the Boucher children.
(c) Talking to her father about their possibly getting married.
(d) Trying to get into Mrs. Thornton's dinner party.

11. What reminds Mr. Thornton of Margaret during his financial troubles?
(a) He keeps having dreams about her.
(b) A chance encounter with Nicholas on the street.
(c) He sees a story about her in the newspaper.
(d) He sees her from afar during the Saturday morning farmers' market.

12. Who escorts Frederick to the train station when he leaves Milton?
(a) Margaret.
(b) Mrs. Hale.
(c) Mr. Hale.
(d) He goes by himself because he is technically in hiding.

13. During Frederick's first night home, how does the family interact?
(a) Violently.
(b) Happily.
(c) Silently.
(d) Cruelly.

14. Who calls a doctor for Mrs. Boucher when she becomes ill?
(a) Nicholas.
(b) Mr. Hale.
(c) Mr. Thornton.
(d) Margaret.

15. Where does Frederick plan to go after fleeing Milton (after Mrs. Hale dies)?
(a) Spain.
(b) America.
(c) France.
(d) Germany.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Margaret (correctly) guess is making inquiries about Frederick's returning to England after she moves to London?

2. How do Mr. Bell and Margaret communicate once they depart?

3. What caused Mr. Thornton to realize his workers needed a dining room?

4. Who looks after the Boucher children while Mrs. Boucher is ill?

5. How does Mrs. Hale feel about her son's return to the Hale house?

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