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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through XLVI-LII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who requests that the inquest into Leonards' death be stopped?
(a) Mr. Thornton.
(b) Mrs. Hale.
(c) Mr. Hale.
(d) Margaret.

2. Who inherits Mr. Bell's fortune?
(a) Margaret.
(b) His three children.
(c) Mrs. Thornton because she is his cousin.
(d) Nicholas.

3. Why does Mr. Thornton claim to need to visit Margaret after the incident with the striking workers at his home?
(a) To thank her.
(b) To talk about her drinking problem.
(c) To tell her to never bother him again.
(d) To turn down her offer of marriage.

4. Who spends most of the time talking to Fanny during dinner at the Hales'?
(a) Dixon.
(b) Mrs. Hale.
(c) Margaret.
(d) Mr. Hale.

5. How does Mr. Thornton react to his mother's harsh words about Margaret after she turns down his marriage proposal?
(a) He agrees with everything she says.
(b) He refuses to hear bad words about her.
(c) He feels guilty, so he lies to his mother.
(d) He wants his mother to hate her as much as he does.

Short Answer Questions

1. What one request does Mrs. Hale make as her life comes to an end?

2. Who is Mary?

3. Who are the first guests to arrive at the Thorntons' big dinner party?

4. Who suggests that Frederick hire a lawyer?

5. Who tells a police officer that Margaret was at the train station with a young man?

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