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The main characters in "North and South" move from this place in Southern England to a northern town.


This is an industrial town in Northern England. The majority of the book is set here.

Harley Street, London

Margaret lived with her Aunt Shaw and cousin Edith here as a teenager. She goes back to this location when both her mother and father die.

Marlborough Street

Mr. Hale claims that this place is the foremost of its kind in Milton. Mr. Thornton's mill house is situated at the end of it.

The Mill House

Mr. Thornton and his mother and sister live in a cottage next door to this location. Workers break through its back gates to confront Mr. Thornton.

The Higgins House

This location, small and often cold, is where Margaret visits Bessy and later on Nicholas.


Mr. Hale dies in this location while visiting...

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