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Lesson 1 (from I-V)



Knowing the background of an author can help a reader understand a literary text on a much deeper level. The objective of this lesson is to provide the class with information on Elizabeth Gaskell.


1) Begin class with a focusing exercise. Have students write for 5 minutes in response to the following prompt: "Why is knowing information about the author important when reading a text?" Collect their responses.

2) Class lecture: Lecture the class for 5-10 minutes with some information about Elizabeth Gaskell. Who was she? What other works did she write? What was she known for? What was her life like? Her education? This can also be a good opportunity for the students to practice their note-taking skills.

3) Have students work individually to create two lists: one with 10 pieces of information they took from the class lecture about Gaskell, and one with 10 pieces of information about...

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