Daily Lessons for Teaching Norse Mythology (Stories)

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Lesson 1 (from "The Players" - "The Treasures of the Gods")


This lesson introduces students to the Norse gods and Neil Gaiman’s book, Norse Mythology. Students will read Gaiman’s Introduction and “The Players” and will research and discuss the main Norse gods that are the focus in these stories. In his introduction, Neil Gaiman describes his fascination with the myths of the Norse and his intensive research in the re-creation of these stories. “The Players” establishes the main gods who are the central characters in the stories: Odin, Loki, and Thor.


Group Assignment: Assign students to groups of 3-4 each to read the Introduction of Norse Mythology as well as “The Players.” As a group, discuss what is known about Neil Gaiman’s career and his work. What is already known among the group members about Norse mythology? Where did you learn this information?

Research/Independent Activity: Take time in class to conduct research...

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