Norse Mythology (Stories) Character Descriptions

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The leader of the gods of Asgard, this character is the son of the giants Bor and Bestia. He has one eye, as he sacrificed the other to Mimir in exchange for great wisdom.


This somewhat dim-witted god is strong and powerful and wields a hammer that is called Mjolnir.


This god of the Aesir is the son of the giants Laufey and Farbauti. He is described as a trickster and he is very clever and deceitful.


This huge wolf creature is the son of a god and the giantess Angrboda. He becomes entrapped by the gods in unbreakable chains.


This daughter of a god and a giantess presides over the world of the dead that did not die honorably or in battle.


This enormous serpent is the son of a giantess and a god. He is banished by the gods of Aesir...

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