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Andrew Solomon
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Poverty.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the most effective treatment for alcoholism?
(a) Switching to coffee.
(b) Psychodynamic.
(c) Recovery centers.
(d) Scare tactics.

2. What are the most common addictive substances?
(a) Alcohol and marijuana.
(b) Cocaine and heroine.
(c) Nicotine and coffee.
(d) Beer and wine.

3. What drug can do permanent damage to dopamine systems and can make depression worse?
(a) Valium.
(b) Cocaine.
(c) LSD.
(d) Heroine.

4. How much money does Solomon think the government could save per year by treating depressed people who are not working?
(a) $5.5 million.
(b) $3.5 billion.
(c) $15 billion.
(d) $125 million.

5. How many pills does Solomon take each day?
(a) Eight.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Fifteen.
(d) Five.

Short Answer Questions

1. How often do patients usually meet with their therapists during psychoanalysis?

2. When taking antidepressants, how long does it take to see noticeable results?

3. How long has Tina been in AA?

4. How old is Lolly when Jeanne Miranda meets her?

5. How many main treatments for depression are there?

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