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Short Answer Questions

1. Who wanted Estelle to have a baby?

2. Where did Estelle go with Roger?

3. Whom did Inez fall in love with on Earth?

4. What is Inez referring to in the following passage: "Far better. Crueler. [It] looks quite diabolical that way."

5. What does Inez tell Estelle she wants?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay entitled the Best Person I Know. Select a person who has had a major impact on your life and what influence that person has had on the decisions you have made.

Essay Topic 2

Since Garcin was a pacifist whose weakness was fear of being a coward, he is particularly concerned with what his colleagues at the newspaper thought of him. Describe how Garcin's pacifism affects his behavior in the room. Does he refuse to fight? Does he show cowardice in his interactions with Estelle and Inez? What does he feel during his various visions of life going on without him?

In addition, decide whether or not you think Garcin was really a coward and write a paragraph supporting your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

This play asks whether emotional torture is worse than physical torture. Consider what you think Sartre wanted to say about emotional anguish vs. physical pain, and write an essay that explains the use of emotional anguish in this text. What purpose does it serve for Estelle to stab Inez when she has been torturing her emotionally the whole play, for example? Discuss Garcin's wish that he could substitute physical torture for this mental anguish in terms of this violence, as well.

In addition, decide whether or not you think these three have been punished enough during the action of the play, or if they do deserve to be stuck with each other for eternity.

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