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Short Answer Questions

1. What is really bothering Garcin?

2. Who says that she often undressed in front of his/her maid?

3. How does Garcin describes Estelle's eyes?

4. What is it about Inez that Estelle hates so much?

5. What makes being friends with Inez difficult for Estelle?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on your preference for either reading a drama or watching it performed. List advantages of each, like being able to go back and re-read or hearing tonal inflections that help understand the meaning of words.

Essay Topic 2

As the dramatic tension increases, the characters reveal more about themselves and their pasts, and lay themselves bare to their fellow torturers. Their former lives are also like mirrors that suddenly show them the truths of their existence. Pick one of the passages below and explicate it in terms of this image of inner truth:

A) "There they are, slumped in their chairs, sucking at their cigars. Bored they look. Half-asleep. They're thinking: 'Garcin's a coward." [Garcin]

B) "The music is growing fainter. They've turned down the lights, as they do for a tango. Why are they playing so softly? Louder, please. I can't hear. It's so far away, so far away." [Estelle]

C) "The windows are wide open, a man is sitting on the bed. My bed, if you please!" [Inez]

Essay Topic 3

One of the off-screen aspects of this play are visions the characters have of their former lives and survivors back on earth. Each of the three sees visions of how life is carrying on without them.

Pick either

A) Garcin,

B) Estelle or

C) Inez

and describe what they see when they look back to earth. Be sure to explain what they literally see and what they tell the others in the room about it. Also describe what their vision represents, either symbolically or in terms of the guilt and denial the characters are experiencing.

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