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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who admits to being "rather cruel"?

2. Who says that she often undressed in front of his/her maid?

3. Estelle says she likes men with what?

4. Garcin was a...

5. Garcin asks Estelle if she could do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. If Inez does not seem to care about her appearance, why does she normally carry a mirror?

2. What does Sartre demonstrate about Garcin when he interrupts his kissing Estelle to listen in to what his colleagues are saying?

3. Why does Estelle shed no actual tears when she cries?

4. Although both Inez and Garcin pressure Estelle into telling them why she is in the room, at the end of the section, why is Estelle only angry with Inez and not Garcin?

5. Why do you think that Inez tries to pull Garcin off Estelle?

6. What do you think is the worst thing Garcin did to his wife?

7. How is Inez's volunteering to be the mirror for Estelle symbolic?

8. Do you think that Garcin really would prefer physical torture? Which would you prefer--physical or mental anguish of this kind?

9. Why did Garcin flee to Mexico, and what does it have to do with cowardice?

10. How does Garcin feel when Estelle tells him that it does not matter if he is a coward as long as he kisses well?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Since Garcin was a pacifist whose weakness was a fear of being a coward, he is particularly concerned with what his colleagues at the newspaper thought of him. Describe how Garcin's pacifism affects his behavior in the room. Does he refuse to fight? Does he show cowardice in his interactions with Estelle and Inez? What does he feel during his various visions of life going on without him?

In addition, decide whether or not you think Garcin was really a coward and write a paragraph supporting your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

This play relies heavily on foreshadowing. Objects in the room and things the characters say about themselves help prime the audience to understand the layers of denial and misrepresentation through which these characters journey. Chose one of the following options and write an essay that uses specific examples from the text:

A) Describe how Sartre uses the paper knife as a foreshadowing tool. In what context does it first appear, and what does it represent later in the play?

B) Explain how the way Estelle behaves in the beginning prefigures the truths we find out about her. Be sure to be specific.

C) Explain how the setting and set decorations as a whole foreshadow what will happen at the end of the play.

Essay Topic 3

Because these characters are dead, issues of death and dying strongly affect the way they behave. Describe how each character died, using as many specifics as you can remember from the play. After you describe how each character died, chose one of the following below and write one paragraph:

A) In your opinion, which death was the "worst" or most unfortunate, and why?

B) Describe which death you feel was most appropriate, that is: which character deserved to die the way they did, and why?

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