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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Inez offer Estelle a place on her couch?

2. How does Garcin describes Estelle's eyes?

3. What does Estelle want from Garcin?

4. Garcin wishes he had been placed in a room full of what?

5. Who spits in Inez's face?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although both Inez and Garcin pressure Estelle into telling them why she is in the room, at the end of the section, why is Estelle only angry with Inez and not Garcin?

2. Why do you think that Inez would rather deal with hell face to face?

3. Why is Estelle so upset when she sees Olga tell one of her lovers the truth?

4. Why does Estelle shed no actual tears when she cries?

5. Why do you think that Inez tries to pull Garcin off Estelle?

6. Do you think that Garcin really would prefer physical torture? Which would you prefer--physical or mental anguish of this kind?

7. Why did Garcin say he treated his wife so badly?

8. If Inez does not seem to care about her appearance, why does she normally carry a mirror?

9. Why does Inez lie about Estelle's pimple?

10. Sartre uses a mirror as a symbol in Part 3. Describe how the mirror is important to understanding the character of Estelle.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The scene where Inez offers to be Estelle's mirror is very revealing of the central tension between the two women and shows the audience more about their inner selves. It links symbolically the human eye and mirrors. Chose one of the following:

A) Discuss how this scene fits into a larger pattern of symbols, or a motif of mirrors, glass, eyes, seeing, etc.

B) Explain what this scene reveals about Inez and Estelle, and helps show the audience how they really are.

Essay Topic 2

How one character punishes another is of primary importance in this play. The reasons why these three are each other's perfect torturers are revealed in the action of the play and in the things the characters say to each other. Chose one of the following and write an essay:

A) How Inez is the best torturer for Garcin.

B) How Garcin is the best torturer for Estelle.

C) How Estelle is the best torturer for Inez.

Be sure to explain the specific ways in which the character tortured his/her fellow character, and why their particular ways of inflicting pain were sure to be the most painful. In addition, briefly state which one would be the best torturer for you and why.

Essay Topic 3

Inez proclaims herself cruel, saying "I'm your lark-mirror, my dear, and you can't escape me....There isn't any pimple, not a trace of one. So what about it? Suppose the mirror started telling lies? Or suppose I covered my eyes--as he is doing--and refused to look at you."

1. Contextualize this passage in terms of the section of the scene it comes from: What is happening when Inez says it?

2. Analyze what role the mirror symbol plays in this section. Why use this symbol right now?

3. What does it demonstrate about Garcin's relationship to Estelle?

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