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Short Answer Questions

1. What do each of their stories reveal about the three characters?

2. Who tries to take off his/her jacket?

3. What does the valet say about the bell?

4. What makes Estelle speak?

5. How many mirrors are there in the room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Garcin's explanation for why he is there?

2. Why does Estelle refuse Inez's offer of her sofa?

3. Does Estelle really want Garcin to kiss her so he can have revenge on Inez?

4. Why does the image of a young couple making love in her apartment so upset Inez?

5. What does Garcin tell Estelle distracted him from making love to her?

6. When the eyes do not work as a mirror, how does Inez help Estelle and to what result?

7. Describe the nature of hell as these characters experience it at the midpoint of the play.

8. Why does Inez try to pull Garcin off Estelle?

9. What is it that Inez is the first one to figure out?

10. Why does Sartre introduce Estelle with her concerns about the sofas?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay entitled A Person Wrapped Up in Himself/Herself. Discuss in your essay how a person like Estelle who only thinks of her own comfort and pleasure creates discontent in the people he or she comes in contact with.

Essay Topic 2

Sartre uses symbols to communicate deeper levels of meaning in this play. In an essay, describe the first instances of this symbol, what it meant, and how it was represented at the beginning of the play. Then examine how the symbol evolved, or how the characters' and audiences understanding of the symbol changes over the course of the play. Chose one of the following symbols:

A) The bronze statue.

B) The human eye.

Essay Topic 3

Since Garcin was a pacifist whose weakness was fear of being a coward, he is particularly concerned with what his colleagues at the newspaper thought of him. Describe how Garcin's pacifism affects his behavior in the room. Does he refuse to fight? Does he show cowardice in his interactions with Estelle and Inez? What does he feel during his various visions of life going on without him?

In addition, decide whether or not you think Garcin was really a coward and write a paragraph supporting your opinion.

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