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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Estelle comment about on the room's decor?
(a) the arrangement of the sofas
(b) the ugliness of the furniture
(c) the bareness of the walls
(d) the size of the statue

2. What is Estelle's complaint about the sofa left for her?
(a) not positioned where she can see the others
(b) too small for her to lie down
(c) a style that has gone out of fashion
(d) the wrong color to go with her dress

3. Estelle is the first character to suggest that they...
(a) Introduce themselves.
(b) Try to ignore each other.
(c) Share a sofa.
(d) Try to escape.

4. What do the three characters bicker over?
(a) how ugly the statue is
(b) how to get out of the room
(c) who owns which sofa
(d) how to handle the heat

5. What does Garcin suddenly notice that the valet doesn't do?
(a) move
(b) sit down
(c) blink
(d) open his mouth

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Garcin and Inez do that indicates a kind of acceptance of where they are?

2. Where does Estelle say her husband is?

3. In the room, what is available to sit on?

4. When Estelle enters the room, who is already there?

5. What does the valet say is outside the room where Garcin is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Estelle complain about when she enters the room?

2. As Inez, Estelle, and Garcin watch their friends and family back on Earth, how do they react?

3. What is Garcin's question about calling the valet?

4. Why does Garcin tell Inez he must get approval from her?

5. Why is Garcin frightened in Part 1, even though Inez says he should not be?

6. What does Estelle say about why she thinks she is in the room?

7. Why does Sartre have Inez attempt to woo Estelle by calling her by the romantic names her lovers used to use?

8. How does Inez misunderstand Estelle that makes her respond in a vindictive way?

9. After Estelle sees Olga at the dance, she asks Garcin to hold her. Why?

10. When Garcin asks the Valet what is outside the room, what does the Valet say?

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