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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the valet say about the bell?
(a) it cannot be heard outside the room
(b) it doesn't always work
(c) it is just a decoration
(d) it is always out of order

2. Who does Inez ask about?
(a) Florence
(b) Felicia
(c) Fredrica
(d) Flora

3. What does realizing their condition make them do?
(a) stop talking to each other
(b) continue torturing each other
(c) start crying and cursing fate
(d) try to get out of the room

4. After they agree to silence, who is the first person to break it?
(a) Garcin
(b) Estelle
(c) the valet
(d) Inez

5. What does Estelle accuse Garcin of trying to do?
(a) seduce Inez
(b) gag Inez
(c) seduce her
(d) murder her

6. In part 2, Estelle rebukes Garcin for...
(a) Sitting on Inez's sofa.
(b) Blocking the door.
(c) Ringing the bell for the Valet.
(d) Sitting on her sofa.

7. What does Garcin say about his death?
(a) that he was pushed from a balcony twelve storeys high
(b) that he was beaten over the head twelve times
(c) that he was shot twelve times in the chest
(d) that he was stabbed twelve times in the chest

8. What does Garcin ask the valet?
(a) if he works all day every day
(b) if he will come if the bell is rung
(c) if he likes his job
(d) if he has the morning newspapers

9. What does Garcin propose they all do?
(a) become close friends
(b) start screaming for the valet
(c) make no noise, and not look at each other
(d) go stand in separate corners

10. What does Garcin complain that he has not been allowed to do?
(a) to comb his hair
(b) to change his clothes
(c) to keep a toothbrush
(d) to write a letter

11. What does Garcin ask the valet about?
(a) the time of day
(b) the furnaces
(c) the instruments of torture
(d) the dinner schedule

12. What makes Estelle speak?
(a) asking Inez to borrow her mirror
(b) need of a mirror to do her makeup
(c) dissatisfaction with the color of her sofa
(d) telling Inez to stop singing

13. Where did Garcin live?
(a) Lisbon.
(b) Rio.
(c) Mexico City.
(d) Sao Paolo.

14. Why did the pacifist Garcin get shot for publishing his paper?
(a) because he supported a rebellion
(b) because he was insincere
(c) because he was getting rich
(d) because there was a war on

15. Why does Estelle speak sharply to Garcin?
(a) because he makes fun of her
(b) because he's sitting on her sofa
(c) because he is a man
(d) because he is the torturer

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Estelle's suggestion to the others?

2. How does she know what a torturer looks like?

3. What was Inez's occupation on earth?

4. When does Estelle speak sharply to Garcin for the second time?

5. When Estelle enters the room, who is already there?

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