No Exit Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the room in which Garcin finds himself.

It is decorated with antique furniture, including three sofas and a large bronze. It has no windows or mirrors.

2. When Garcin asks the Valet what is outside the room, what does the Valet say?

The Valet says that there are passages, rooms and stairs.

3. Why are there no toothbrushes or beds in the room?

Garcin realizes that there are no toothbrushes because there is no reason to brush your teeth, and that there are no beds because there is no need to sleep.

4. Why does Inez believe Garcin to be her torturer?

She thinks that he is her torturer because he is already in the room when she arrives.

5. When Garcin asks Inez how she knows what a torturer looks like, what does she say?

She says that a torturer looks frightened and that she knows from having looked at herself in the mirror.

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