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Lesson 1

Objective: Part 1 The student will take notes from a teacher lecture that include (1) elements of the drama, (2) Jean-Paul Sartre, and (3) existentialist philosophy. The student will be able to discuss the introduction to the play from the entrance of Garcin and his reactions to the room.

1) Classroom activity:
1. Begin the class with a concise teacher lecture on Sartre, a one-act drama, and a brief explanation of existentialism. [Note: Although not teaching philosophy in this course, some understanding is necessary to get the full meaning of Sartre's play. A good source for a brief explanation can be found at http://www.allaboutphilosophy.org/existentialism.htm.] Sartre should be described in his major identity as a 20th Century intellectual and life-long friend of Simone de Beauvoir. The one-act drama should be discussed as a tight series of conflicts and resolutions where character is developed by their actions. Existentialist philosophy is...

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