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Essay Topic 1

Punishment and suffering are two major themes in this play, especially in terms of characterizing the three main characters. Chose one of the options below:

A) The characters deserved their punishment as it fit their crimes.

B) The characters did not deserve to suffer the way they did. Their actions in the room should make up for their crimes.

Please chose just one character to write about (Garcin, Inez, or Estelle) and write an essay that makes an argument for either A) or B) above.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay entitled Stuck in an Elevator. You and two other people, perfect strangers, are stuck in an elevator. Describe the characters of each person including yourself and discuss whether the situation is positive or negative. Include the closeness of the air and not knowing when or if you will ever get out.

Essay Topic 3

This play relies...

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