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Part 1

• A valet shows a man, Garcin, into an ornate room with three sofas. Garcin is surprised that there are no instruments of torture.
• In the room, Garcin finds a heavy bronze statue and a paper knife.
• The valet brings a woman, Inez, to the room. She thinks Garcin is going to torture her.
• Inez claims that she is a torturer and that Garcin looks afraid.
• The valet brings another woman, Estelle, into the room. She complains that her couch does not match her dress.

• Estelle is obviously interested in Garcin, while Inez is interested in her.
• Estelle watches her own funeral, and complains.

• Inez says she prefers the word "absent" over the word dead.

Part 2

• Estelle bickers with Garcin, because he sits on her sofa and because he wants to take off his jacket.
• Garcin suggests they keep themselves in order; Inez responds tartly that she is...

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