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Part 1

• A valet shows a man, Garcin, into an ornate room with three sofas. Garcin is surprised that there are no instruments of torture.

• Garcin is the first guest to be ushered into the room by a mysterious valet.

• Garcin grumbles about not having a toothbrush and the valet tells him there is no need for one.

• Garcin realizes several things about the accommodation--no beds and no mirrors.

• Garcin learns that outside the room there are hallways and more rooms.

• In the room, Garcin finds a heavy bronze statue and a paper knife.

• The bell to call the valet does not work, as the valet had warned, and the door will not open.

• There is a foreshadowing as Garcin discovers a paper knife and wonders why it is there.

• Suddenly Inez is ushered into the room and told to ask Garcin if she has any questions.

• Inez's strange...

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