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Short Answer Questions

1. What doe the judge point out about Officer Raymer?

2. Under what terms could Sully buy his father's house?

3. How much money does Sully lose in the poker game?

4. What is Sully's most pressing need for money?

5. Where do Sully, Wirf and the police attend a meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Clive Jr. feel like a failure?

2. How has Sully's luck begun to change while he was in jail?

3. How does Miss Beryl feel about Sully's imminent move?

4. What is Sully's experience in jail?

5. Why is Rub upset with the introduction of Peter and Will into Sully's life?

6. Explain a situation where Sully is very generous with Carl's belongings.

7. What self destructive behavior does Clive Jr. exhibit after the failure of the theme park deal?

8. Why is Miss Beryl questioning her allegiance to Sully and thinking that Clive Jr. might be right about him?

9. What does Wirf tell Sully about the state of Wirf's health?

10. What is the state of Peter's life and why does he not want to return to West Virginia?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Survival seems to be almost an unnamed character in the book. How pervasive is the sense of survival? Why does it have such a prevalent place in the characters' lives? Explain how an inanimate object or characteristic can be a character.

Essay Topic 2

It can be said of NOBODY'S FOOL that nothing really happens. Explain how NOBODY'S FOOL is a character-driven book as opposed to a plot-driven book. How well does Russon develop the characters to make them real and engaging?

Essay Topic 3

Does Russo end the story on a note of hope for Sully, Carl and Peter or will they continue to struggle with their relationships and hopes for their lives? Give your perspective and two reasons to support your answer.

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