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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friday, pgs. 221-260.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of car is Sully's son driving when he stops to pick up Sully?
(a) Grand Am.
(b) Mustang.
(c) Vega.
(d) Gremlin.

2. What is Sully's son's profession?
(a) Lawyer.
(b) Writer.
(c) Professor.
(d) Editor.

3. Why is Sully in his truck in front of his ex-wife's home on Thanksgiving evening?
(a) He is asleep.
(b) He is trying to decide whether to go inside.
(c) He is listening to the radio.
(d) He is trying to get the truck to start.

4. How does Sully feel about being around people?
(a) He enjoys all types of people.
(b) He likes lots of people around.
(c) He is a loner.
(d) He looks for new friends all the time.

5. Who is Carl Roebuck's wife?
(a) Maddie.
(b) Toby.
(c) Cathy.
(d) Ann Marie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Carl's father?

2. What warning does Wirf give Sully about the job for Miles Anderson?

3. Who is Peter's other son?

4. With whom is Sully infatuated?

5. Who is Sully's ex-wife's husband?

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