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New York Travelogue

Create a travelogue about New York state, the location of North Bath. Be sure to include highlights of attractions, events and natural resources that will appeal to people considering a trip to this beautiful state.

The Horse Diorama

Create a diorama of The Horse as you imagine it would have looked.

Dinner with Russo

Imagine that you could have dinner with Richard Russo and some of the characters from the book. Where would you have it? Who would you invite? What would you eat? What would you talk about?

Write a Poem or Song

Write a poem or song depicting some aspect of life in North Bath.

Russo's Laptop

Imagine that you could have a conversation with Russo's laptop. What do you think it would say? What questions would you ask?

Character Charades

Write the names of the characters from the novel on slips of...

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