Nobody's Fool Character Descriptions

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Donald Sullivan

He rents the upper floor of Miss Beryl's house and he is receiving partial disability and enrolled in a rehabilitation training program due to a knee injury.

Beryl Peoples

She is an eighty-year-old retired school teacher who still talks to her husband who has been dead for more than twenty years.

Clive Peoples Jr.

He is the president of the North Bath Savings and Loan and is heading a group of investors to bring a theme park to Bath.

Peter Sullivan

He is a history professor at West Virginia State who fails to receive tenure and is having a hard time finding a job.

Carl Roebuck

He is the head of Tip Top Construction, is thirty-five-years old, and married although he has several affairs.

Rub Squeers

He is a friend of Sully's and often works with Sully because he does not have a job and the...

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