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Wednesday, pp. 1-36

• The story takes place in 1984, in New Bath, a village in the Adirondacks between New York City and Montreal.

• New Bath had been a prosperous mineral resort town in the 1800s but declined when the springs dried up; the town is still waiting for an economic revival.

• It is the morning before Thanksgiving Day and Miss Beryl starts her day by wondering when the rotting tree limbs will fall on her house.

• Miss Beryl is a widow who has a boarder named Donald Sullivan (Sully) in order to help cover her living expenses.

• Miss Beryl's, son, Clive Jr., is president of the North Bath Savings and Loan and heads a group of investors interested in bringing a theme park to New Bath as part of an economic revival plan.

• Miss Beryl enjoys her morning chats with Sully and tells him that she plans to have...

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