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This is a place of social and political unrest.


This place is a symbol of hope, as well as struggles.


Characters go to this place to try to escape racism.


This place is used as a backdrop for spiritual searches.

The Truck

This has NO TELEPHONE TO HEAVEN written on it in faded letters.

The Dungle

This is the nickname given to the slummy part of Kingston.

The Torn Handkerchief

This is given by a grandmother to her grandson, as she is dying.

Gone with the Wind

This helps Clare see how black people are treated in the United States.

Kitty's Notes

These are found in white people's laundry.

Bobby's Leg Wound

This persists because of nerve gas.

The Vietnam War

This is the source of both trauma and an anchor for Bobby.

The Film Shoot in the Mountains

This takes economic and social...

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