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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


The term "ruinate" is introduced as a footnote in "Chapter 1." It reveals the past Jamaican history to help set the scene of what is currently happening. The objective of this lesson is to understand the past history in this novel.


1) Class discussion: What is ruinate? What were these lands originally used for? Who took these lands over? Why did they take them over? What type of agriculture was common in Jamaica at this time? How did the native Jamaicans feel about it? In what other ways does it appear that colonization took over their lives? What has since happened to these lands? What do the lands look like now? Why have the lands grown wild? How do the native Jamaicans feel about this?

2) Pair work: In pairs, students will make a web that helps to define the ruinate. Students should focus on words and phrases...

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