No Telephone to Heaven Character Descriptions

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Clare Savage

This character grows up in New York City with her father but returns to her grandmother's land in Jamaica.

Christopher (The Watchman)

This character murders a family and then lives on the streets.


This character suffers from a traumatic childhood, but he focuses his energy on bettering Jamaica.

Kitty, Boy and Jennie Savage

These characters suffer trying to define and relate to their race.

Miss Mattie

This character is known for generosity and community spirit.

Master Charles, Miss Evelyn, Paul

These characters are murdered.

Brother Josephus

This character gives an image of Christ to a small child.


This character appears as a statue.


This character serves in the Vietnam War before deserting the cause.


This character hides her racist beliefs in order to take a friend of a different race to her college.

The Interviewer

This character questions people about joining...

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