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Chapter 1

• A truck full of men, women, and supplies travels through the Jamaican countryside.

• The land is described as being "ruinate," a word the Jamaicans use to describe the land that has been ignored by colonists after they took it over years ago.

• The men in the truck consider themselves to be soldiers.

• The soldiers are reclaiming a piece of land that used to be owned by Miss Mattie.

• Miss Mattie's land will be used to farm and grow ganja.

• The soldiers can trade ganja for weapons.

Chapter 2

• A truck is seen with "no telephone to heaven" painted on the side.

• The Jamaican people are described as feeling betrayed by religion.

• A young man, Paul, returns homes to discover his family has been murdered by the yard worker Christopher.

• Christopher kills Paul and goes to the Dungle, an impoverished area, where he was raised.

Chapter 3

• Kitty and Boy...

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