Objects & Places from No Ordinary Time

Doris Kearns Goodwin
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Hyde Park

As President, Roosevelt often spent weekends and holidays here visiting his mother. It is now operated by the National Park Service.


Eleanor and her friends built a cottage for themselves on the estate at Hyde Park . She often said it was the only home that was truly hers.

The White House

Besides Eleanor and Franklin, their friends and aides like Hopkins, LeHand, Hickok, and others lived here on and off. Their grown children often visited, and their daughter lived there while her husband served in the military.

Warm Springs, Georgia

After Franklin contracted polio, he went for a cure here and built it up as a polio center for healing and continued to visit there even as President.

Washington Square Apartment

Eleanor maintained this place for herself and her friends in Manhattan. Franklin Roosevelt did not visit it until the last years of his life...

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