No Ordinary Time Fun Activities

Doris Kearns Goodwin
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A Day at Hyde Park

Have the students research the Roosevelt family home in Hyde Park, New York, and create a multimedia presentation on the estate.

A Day at Val-Kill

Have the students research Eleanor Roosevelt's cottage industry at Val-Kill and create a multimedia presentation about the cottage and the surrounding area.

Watch a Movie

There are many films and documentaries about the Roosevelts. Watch one of them and discuss how your perspectives alter about this famous couple. Two of the more popular films are SUNRISE AT CAMPOBELLO and the HBO film WARM SPRINGS.

Lessons in Empathy

If appropriate for your school, bring in some wheelchairs and choose a few students to use them exclusively for a day. Note how the students change--both those in the chairs and those witnessing the diminished capacities of their classmates.

Fireside Chats

Have the students create their own fireside chats to deliver...

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