No Ordinary Time Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Doris Kearns Goodwin
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Chapter 1

• Hitler's armies attack countries in Europe.

• Franklin Roosevelt must decide what role the United States will play in any war.

• Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister of England.

• Eleanor Roosevelt travels America extensively to report accounts of life to her husband.

• Franklin and Eleanor surround themselves with other friends and confidantes.

Chapter 2

• By the spring of 1940, Roosevelt knows America would sooner or later be involved in the war in Europe.

• The Great Depression is ebbing after ten years and people are tired of the New Deal.

• Roosevelt calls for massive arms production including 50,000 airplanes a year.

• Roosevelt delivers his first "fireside chat" on May 26, 1940, to develop a connection with the American people.

Chapter 3

• Roosevelt must decide whether to help the British or rearm the United States.

• The "miracle of Dunkirk" allows 340,000 British troops to escape from Germany.

• Franklin had been a happy only child of a privileged New...

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