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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who owns the isolated farmhouse?
(a) Emi.
(b) Kenji.
(c) No one, it's abandoned.
(d) Mike.

2. What was the nickname of the small community where the book takes place?
(a) Army Town.
(b) Pike's Peak.
(c) Jap Town.
(d) Fish Town.

3. Why does Taro want to join the army?
(a) To move away from home.
(b) To learn how to shoot a rifle.
(c) To make his parents angry.
(d) To ease the shame felt by the family when Ichiro refused to serve.

4. What does Ichiro do to his father when he tries to intervene in the argument between Ichiro and his mother?
(a) Ichiro strikes him, sending him against the wall.
(b) Ichiro does nothing to his father.
(c) Ichiro hugs his father.
(d) Ichiro asks his father for money.

5. Describe the area where the illegal gambling halls are located:
(a) The streets are clean, and the buildings plain.
(b) The streets are clean, and there aren't very many buildings.
(c) The streets are dirty, and the buildings are run-down.
(d) The streets are dirty, but the buildings are new.

Short Answer Questions

1. What might Portland represent to Ichiro?

2. Who reads the letter sent to Ichiro's mother?

3. Japanese people on the West Coast were separated into various groups, depending on their allegiance to Japan because of what event?

4. Why doesn't Ichiro think he is a real American?

5. What medal was Kenji awarded?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe "relocation camps" used in the United States during World War II.

2. Why does Ichiro have to apologize to his father after Ichiro fought with his mother?

3. Why is Ichiro's brother, Taro, so anxious about enlisting in the U.S. military?

4. Who is Emi and why is she so important to Ichiro?

5. What makes the priest at the funeral stand out?

6. What is a "no-no" boy?

7. Why does Ichiro refuse to have a drink with Ito as he walks to his parents' house for the first time in the beginning of the novel?

8. How does Ichiro cause Bull's face to gush with blood?

9. What news does Emi share with Ichiro after his mother's funeral?

10. Why do characters like Ichiro and Freddie feel guilt?

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