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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The lieutenant who volunteered for for the army instead of going to a relocation camp talked to a naive soldier from which U.S. state?
(a) Nebraska.
(b) Wyoming.
(c) Oklahoma.
(d) Texas.

2. What has Freddie accomplished in the five weeks since his return to the area?
(a) He has enrolled in school.
(b) He has found a job.
(c) He has made new friends.
(d) Nothing.

3. What was the nickname of the small community where the book takes place?
(a) Jap Town.
(b) Army Town.
(c) Pike's Peak.
(d) Fish Town.

4. What is Emi's advice to Ichiro?
(a) To enlist in the army.
(b) To stop being bitter and find his purpose in life.
(c) To stay bitter and find a job.
(d) To move to Japan.

5. Why does Freddie like the woman across the hall so much?
(a) She is teaching him how to speak Chinese.
(b) She is tall and skinny.
(c) She is a good cook.
(d) She accepts him for who he really is.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Good" Japanese-Americans were considered to be what?

2. When Ichiro arrives home from spending the night with Emi, who does he argue with?

3. When was the last time Ichiro's mother heard from her family back in Japan?

4. What do the young boys surrounding Ichiro start to do to him outside of the gambling hall?

5. What country does Ichiro believe has changed his life in the most negative way?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who sends the letter to Ichiro's mother and what does it say?

2. Why is Ichiro's brother, Taro, so anxious about enlisting in the U.S. military?

3. Why does Ichiro say his life has been ruined?

4. Why does Ichiro get so upset with his mother in Chapter 1?

5. What was the American attitude toward Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

6. Why does Ichiro argue with his mother again in Chapter 5?

7. Describe Club Oriental and what it has to offer.

8. What makes Kenji and Ichiro such close friends?

9. Why was the bombing at Pearl Harbor such a dramatic event in U.S. military history?

10. Why does Professor Brown dismiss Ichiro from his office at school?

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