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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Tommy and Ichiro go to church together?
(a) They learned that Japanese are not welcome.
(b) They get into a fist fight.
(c) They decide not to be religious.
(d) They learn about religion.

2. What happens to Freddie as he and Ichiro enter Club Oriental together near the end of the book?
(a) Bulls grabs Ichiro from behind.
(b) Taro grabs Ichiro from behind.
(c) Taro grabs Freddie from behind.
(d) Bull grabs Freddie from behind.

3. Where does Ichiro apply for a job in Portland?
(a) A small engineering firm.
(b) A small bakery.
(c) A small factory.
(d) A small farm.

4. Why does Ichiro go to the Christian Rehabiliation Center?
(a) To apply for a job.
(b) To learn English.
(c) To learn Japanese.
(d) To learn about religion.

5. Who does Kenji want Ichiro to visit back in Seattle?
(a) Ralph.
(b) Ichiro's father.
(c) Emi.
(d) Taro.

6. Where does Kenji's father live?
(a) In a house he owns.
(b) In a rented house on top of a hill.
(c) In an apartment in the middle of town.
(d) In a cottage by a river.

7. Why is Ichiro's father drinking so much the day Ichiro returns from Portland?
(a) He is trying to go to sleep.
(b) He is deeply depressed.
(c) He wants to have fun.
(d) He is an alcoholic.

8. What does Ichiro learn about his mother after her death?
(a) She never wanted Ichiro to be happy.
(b) She tried to make life pleasant for him.
(c) She always wanted to move back to Japan.
(d) She didn't like working in the grocery store.

9. What happens when Ichiro pulls up to the grocery store in the Oldsmobile following his trip home from Portland?
(a) The grocery store is locked and he can't get in.
(b) He goes in and has dinner with his parents.
(c) He refuses to go in and drives away.
(d) He gets into a fight with his brother.

10. What is wrong with the voice of the priest who is conducting the ceremony at Ichiro's mother's funeral?
(a) It sounds too high-pitched to be mourning a loss.
(b) It is not loud enough for all of the mourners to hear.
(c) It is too deep and loud and scares the crowd.
(d) It is shaky because he is crying.

11. What does Ichiro tell the Japanese boy waiting on him at the cafe?
(a) That he is Chinese.
(b) That he is homeless.
(c) That he is American.
(d) That he is unemployed.

12. Where is Ichiro's father when Ichiro gets home from returning Kenji's car?
(a) He is passed out.
(b) He is on the phone, calling the police.
(c) He is not home.
(d) He is working in the grocery store.

13. What old friend does Ichiro see again at his mother's funeral?
(a) Professor Brown.
(b) Freddie.
(c) Ralph.
(d) Kenji.

14. Why does Kenji want to write Ralph a letter?
(a) To tell him that he is dying.
(b) To ask him if he wants to buy the Oldsmobile.
(c) To tell him that Ichiro and Emi get along well.
(d) To tell Ralph that the U.S. has won the war.

15. Who does Ichiro give Kenji's car to?
(a) Ralph.
(b) Emi.
(c) Kenji's father.
(d) Taro.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Freddie want Ichiro to do with him at after the funeral?

2. Why is Tommy unhappy when he and Ichiro go to church?

3. Why is Ichiro upset with the people who show up at his mother's funeral?

4. What do the funeral and Ichiro's mother's life have in common?

5. Why does Ichiro jump out of the limousine while he and his father are waiting?

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