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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does it take Kenji so many hours to pick Ichiro up at the grocery store before they leave for Portland?
(a) He isn't sure if he wants Ichiro to join him on the journey to Portland.
(b) He is consumed by positive thoughts about race relations in the U.S.
(c) He is driving around, consumed by his thoughts about race, people, and other situations.
(d) He gets lost on the way to the grocery store.

2. What happens when Freddie loses control of the car near the end of the novel?
(a) The car explodes.
(b) The car stalls and just stops in the middle of the street.
(c) It flips and pins him against a building.
(d) He drives off to the safety of home.

3. Why does Kenji tell only his father that he is leaving?
(a) To avoid a tearful goodbye with the family.
(b) To avoid having to help clean up the dishes.
(c) To avoid disrupting the family watching television.
(d) To avoid a fight with the family.

4. How much whiskey does Ichiro's father drink just before Ichiro returns from Portland?
(a) Enough to make him pass out.
(b) Enough to throw up.
(c) He doesn't drink whiskey.
(d) He had two glasses.

5. What is Kenji ticketed for by the police officer?
(a) Driving without a license and bribing a police officer.
(b) Driving too slowly and bribing a police officer.
(c) Driving drunk without a license.
(d) Driving 80 mph in a 20-mph zone, driving drunk, and attempting to bribe an officer.

6. Why does Mr. Carrick offer Ichiro a job?
(a) He is apathetic to Japanese-Americans.
(b) He is familiar with the struggles of Japanese-Americans and is sympathetic to Ichiro's time in jail.
(c) He is desperate for a new employee.
(d) He doesn't want to hire anymore Americans.

7. Why is Tommy unhappy when he and Ichiro go to church?
(a) He thinks the discrimination was unfair.
(b) He thinks the church should be teaching Japanese traditions.
(c) He wanted a better seat.
(d) He thought the priest's voice was too shrill.

8. What does Ichiro tell Mr. Morrison, the man in charge of the Christian Rehabilitation Center?
(a) That he loves to paint.
(b) That he is mourning the loss of his mother.
(c) That he decided to go to jail rather than serve in the army.
(d) That he is against all forms of religion.

9. Why does Kenji tell Ichiro to take the car back to Seattle by himself?
(a) Because Kenji wants his father to come pick him up.
(b) Because Kenji knows he is dying.
(c) Because Kenji doesn't want to drive it anymore.
(d) Because Kenji wants Ichiro to find a job in Seattle.

10. Who gets a drink for Bull as he sits slumped up against a trash can to recover?
(a) Ito.
(b) Freddie.
(c) Ichiro.
(d) A stranger.

11. What will Ichiro do for the Christian Rehabilitation Center?
(a) Work with the sign painter.
(b) Work with the priest.
(c) Fix furniture.
(d) Teach children how to read.

12. Where is Ichiro's father when Ichiro gets home from returning Kenji's car?
(a) He is not home.
(b) He is passed out.
(c) He is on the phone, calling the police.
(d) He is working in the grocery store.

13. What happens when Ichiro's fist connects with someone's face, right between the eyes, as he is fighting in the alley?
(a) Bull's face starts gushing blood.
(b) Nothing, Ichiro doesn't know how to fight.
(c) Taro's face starts gushing blood.
(d) Freddie's face starts gushing blood.

14. Who arranged the marriage between Ichiro's parents?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A mayor.
(c) A priest.
(d) A police officer.

15. What do we learn about Ichiro's mother before Ichiro leaves for Portland?
(a) That she enjoys lining up cans and knocking them over.
(b) That she doesn't like Ichiro.
(c) That she wants to sell the grocery store.
(d) She has a deteriorating mental condition.

Short Answer Questions

1. What commotion at the door at Club Oriental distracts Kenji as he is sitting down to relax?

2. What is Ichiro finally starting to learn about people as he gets a new job?

3. How does Ichiro's mother die?

4. What happens to Freddie after he runs away from the fight in the alley?

5. How does the Japanese boy's mother greet Ichiro when serving his ham and eggs?

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