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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After December 7, 1941 many Americans felt this way about Japanese people.
(a) Confused.
(b) They didn't even know there were Japanese people living in the U.S.
(c) Happiness and joy.
(d) Afraid and fearful.

2. Who asks Ichiro to go outside of the gambling hall during his first visit there with Kenji?
(a) Kenji.
(b) Taro.
(c) Bull.
(d) Ichiro's father.

3. Why does Ichiro start to drink faster than Kenji while they are at the gambling parlor?
(a) He likes the taste of whiskey.
(b) He is bitter toward Bull.
(c) He wants to hurry up and drink before the club closes.
(d) He has never had a drink before.

4. The mood of the book after the preface is:
(a) Somber.
(b) Scary.
(c) Carefree.
(d) Humorous.

5. How does Ichiro travel around town?
(a) By train.
(b) By walking and taking the bus.
(c) He has a car.
(d) He never leaves the house.

6. What does Ichiro call his mother when they argue after Ichiro's family visits the neighbors?
(a) Supportive.
(b) Loving.
(c) Funny.
(d) Crazy.

7. Why doesn't Ichiro think he is a real American?
(a) He doesn't know the Pledge of Allegiance.
(b) He is not caucasian and his parents look like the WWII enemy.
(c) He doesn't eat apple pie.
(d) He doesn't vote.

8. What is a conscientious objector?
(a) Someone who refuses to participate in war based on religious, moral, or ethical grounds.
(b) Someone who likes philosophy.
(c) Someone who doesn't like to read.
(d) Someone who likes to protest.

9. Why does Kenji want to go to Portland?
(a) To sign up for classes at the college.
(b) To visit family he has not seen in many years.
(c) To visit the V.A. Hospital because his leg hurts.
(d) To find Emi's husband.

10. What are Freddie and Ichiro looking for to make them feel more at peace with themselves as they try to adjust to life back home?
(a) Girlfriends.
(b) Jobs.
(c) A higher education.
(d) Acceptance.

11. What happened to Bob Kumasakas?
(a) He is still in the U.S. Army.
(b) He is away at college.
(c) He is at work.
(d) He was killed by a German sniper.

12. Why do Freddie and Ichiro feel guilty?
(a) They have been mean to their parents.
(b) They have not been to college.
(c) They have turned their backs on Japan, but have not supported America either.
(d) They have not registered to vote.

13. What instrument does Ichiro play?
(a) The piano.
(b) The violin.
(c) The guitar.
(d) The flute.

14. What is Ichiro searching for when he returns home?
(a) His dog.
(b) His parents.
(c) A way to join the army.
(d) Acceptance in his own country.

15. What is the Club Oriental?
(a) A Chinese food restaurant.
(b) A legal gambling hall.
(c) A lounge at the train station.
(d) A private club where members can drink and buy alcohol.

Short Answer Questions

1. Describe the character "Bull":

2. What do the young boys surrounding Ichiro start to do to him outside of the gambling hall?

3. "Good" Japanese-Americans were considered to be what?

4. Which country does Ichiro's mother think won the war?

5. Where did Kenji and Ichiro go to find illegal gambling halls?

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