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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Most Japanese on the West Coast had three options: go to jail, enlist in the draft, or enter:
(a) Rehabilitation.
(b) Relocation Camps.
(c) College.
(d) An internship.

2. Why doesn't Bull like Ichiro?
(a) Because Ichiro is a No-No Boy.
(b) Because Bull doesn't like Kenji.
(c) Because Ichiro is smaller than Bull.
(d) Because Bull likes Taro better than Ichiro.

3. What happened to Bob Kumasakas?
(a) He is at work.
(b) He was killed by a German sniper.
(c) He is still in the U.S. Army.
(d) He is away at college.

4. Why are Kenji and Ichiro becoming better friends?
(a) They both want to go to Portland.
(b) They each have deep problems that they do not share, but can relate to.
(c) They both don't like Japan.
(d) They both don't like Taro.

5. Why doesn't Ichiro think he is a real American?
(a) He is not caucasian and his parents look like the WWII enemy.
(b) He doesn't know the Pledge of Allegiance.
(c) He doesn't eat apple pie.
(d) He doesn't vote.

6. What is Ichiro searching for when he returns home?
(a) His parents.
(b) A way to join the army.
(c) Acceptance in his own country.
(d) His dog.

7. What kind of car does Kenji drive?
(a) A Toyota.
(b) A Ford.
(c) A used Oldsmobile.
(d) A new Oldsmobile.

8. Who invites Ichiro into Freddie's apartment?
(a) No one, Ichiro goes home.
(b) Ito.
(c) Freddie.
(d) The married woman Freddie is having an affair with.

9. What do the young boys surrounding Ichiro start to do to him outside of the gambling hall?
(a) Taunt him and chase him into the street.
(b) Taunt him and start to take off his clothes.
(c) Ask him to join the army.
(d) Ask him to go for a ride.

10. When was the last time Ichiro's mother heard from her family back in Japan?
(a) She doesn't have family in Japan.
(b) A long time ago.
(c) She has never heard from them.
(d) Many times during the war.

11. Where did Kenji and Ichiro go to find illegal gambling halls?
(a) Pike's Peak.
(b) Downtown.
(c) Japantown.
(d) Chinatown.

12. What is Ichiro's father begging Taro to do while he plays solitaire?
(a) Move to Japan.
(b) Stay in school.
(c) Help his mom with dinner.
(d) Enlist in the army.

13. How many times have they amputated Kenji's leg?
(a) Once.
(b) Twice.
(c) They have not amputated his leg yet.
(d) Three times.

14. What does the letter that Ichiro's mom have say about a ship?
(a) That it is coming to bomb the U.S.
(b) That it is a cruise ship, offering free trips.
(c) That it will come to bring the Japanese back to Japan to celebrate victory.
(d) That it will bring new weapons for the Japanese soldiers.

15. What are Freddie and Ichiro looking for to make them feel more at peace with themselves as they try to adjust to life back home?
(a) Girlfriends.
(b) A higher education.
(c) Jobs.
(d) Acceptance.

Short Answer Questions

1. The mood of the book after the preface is:

2. Soldiers are returning from what war?

3. What might Portland represent to Kenji?

4. Ichiro and his family go to visit other families when he returns home. How do they know these families?

5. What is a conscientious objector?

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