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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kenji want to go to Portland?
(a) To sign up for classes at the college.
(b) To find Emi's husband.
(c) To visit family he has not seen in many years.
(d) To visit the V.A. Hospital because his leg hurts.

2. What is Kenji ticketed for by the police officer?
(a) Driving too slowly and bribing a police officer.
(b) Driving without a license and bribing a police officer.
(c) Driving drunk without a license.
(d) Driving 80 mph in a 20-mph zone, driving drunk, and attempting to bribe an officer.

3. How does the Japanese boy's mother greet Ichiro when serving his ham and eggs?
(a) In Chinese.
(b) With a rude tone.
(c) She says nothing.
(d) In Japanese.

4. Most Japanese on the West Coast had three options: go to jail, enlist in the draft, or enter:
(a) Relocation Camps.
(b) College.
(c) An internship.
(d) Rehabilitation.

5. What does Ito do to Ichiro after he decides not to have a drink with Ito?
(a) Spit on his hand.
(b) Give him his phone number.
(c) Call him names.
(d) Walk him home.

Short Answer Questions

1. After December 7, 1941 many Americans felt this way about Japanese people.

2. What makes Ichiro realize he is a true American citizen?

3. What was Ichiro studying in college before he went to prison?

4. Kenji drinks quickly while his father:

5. Who is Ichiro fighting in the alley?

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