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• Americans were fearful of Japanese after the Dec. 7, 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor and many Japanese-Americans are rounded up and placed in relocation camps, prison, or, if they were considered "good" Japanese-Americans, sent into the U.S. Army.
• The mood in Seattle, Washington--home to a small community formerly known as "Jap Town" because of it's high population of Japanese-Americans--is somber after the U.S. has won WWII.
• Japanese-Americans are returning home from war, relocation camps, or prison and are suffering discrimination from whites and blacks alike.

Chapter 1

• A Japanese-American named Ichiro is returning to Seattle to live in a small house with his brother Taro and his mother and father after spending two years in prison because he refused to fight against the Japanese in the war.
• Ichiro's parents and the other families they visit upon his return from prison refuse to believe that Japan has actually lost...

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