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Edward Humes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the nickname of the new kid in the author’s writing class in Part 3, Chapter 16?
(a) Little Criminal.
(b) Fat Albert.
(c) Big Risky.
(d) Small Head.

2. What is the name of the mentally handicapped and mildly autistic boy who was sexually molested in Part 3, Chapter 14?
(a) John.
(b) Joshua.
(c) Martin.
(d) Paul.

3. According to the author in Part 4, Chapter 18, the Justice Department estimated a rise in youth crime by how much in 2010?
(a) 45%.
(b) 50%.
(c) 75%.
(d) 150%.

4. Who was George Trevino’s lawyer that the author approached in Part 4, Chapter 18?
(a) John Edwards.
(b) Mark Donaldson.
(c) Stephan Jones.
(d) William O'Donnell.

5. What does “HOP” stand for in Part 2, Chapter 11?
(a) Home of Probation.
(b) Health of Person.
(c) House of Prisoners.
(d) Hope of Prayer.

6. What term is used in the book to describe the practice of flooding a judge with paperwork to manipulate him into changing his behavior?
(a) Precipitating.
(b) Projecting.
(c) Papering.
(d) Pulping.

7. Author Humes explains two cases involving Judge Dorn’s reform in the juvenile justice system in Part 2, Chapter 12. The good case involved a young schizophrenic named what?
(a) Keesha.
(b) Rebecca.
(c) Latoya.
(d) Emily.

8. What former juvenile prisoner continued gang-banging even after being blinded by bullets in Part 2, Chapter 11?
(a) Sheena.
(b) Virginia.
(c) Rita.
(d) Latoya.

9. What caused Chuck and Ada’s family to become much less happy with Peggy Beckstrand’s work on the Ronald Duncan trial in Part 3, Chapter 13?
(a) A news article criticizing the immunity agreement with Jason.
(b) A mayoral presentation that showed money on the trial was out of budget.
(c) A memo that explained the culpability of the victims.
(d) A news story about the funding for the case.

10. According to the author in Part 3, Chapter 16, when kids are arrested for violent crimes they what percentage chance of paying serious consequences?
(a) 75%.
(b) 25%.
(c) 10%.
(d) 40%.

11. Andre is described as a gang kid who was reformed by helping a mentally handicapped kid at what school in Part 2, Chapter 9?
(a) The Juniper School.
(b) The Rosewood School.
(c) The Ross School.
(d) The Manzanita School.

12. The Los Angeles Riots broke out in reaction to what publicized incident?
(a) The Bill Clinton sex scandal.
(b) The Dodgers winning the World Series.
(c) The Rodney King beating.
(d) The start of the Iraq War.

13. What independent California state oversight agency does the author cite as having made recommendations for the juvenile court system in California in Part 4, Chapter 18?
(a) The Big Washington Review Board.
(b) The Little Hoover Commission.
(c) The Adams Committee.
(d) The Jefferson Committee.

14. Who asked a legally improper question when Ronald Duncan was on the witness stand in Part 3, Chapter 13?
(a) Martin Francis.
(b) Billy Joseph.
(c) James Cooper.
(d) Michael Moore.

15. The author asserts in Part 3, Chapter 16 that over how many kids are arrested every year in the United States?
(a) 700,000.
(b) 1.2 million.
(c) 300,000.
(d) 2 million.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Peggy Beckstrand’s boss who spoke with Judge Dorn in Part 2, Chapter 12?

2. Sister Janet pleaded against the mother of what victim in order to have Elias tried as a juvenile in Part 2, Chapter 10?

3. According to the author in Part 4, Chapter 18, the only segment of the California budget that was growing was what?

4. How many known members were there belonging to the 900 street gangs in Los Angeles County in 1994, according to the author in Part 4, Chapter 18?

5. How many kids were estimated in the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1994, according to the author in Part 4, Chapter 18?

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