No Matter How Loud I Shout Short Essay - Answer Key

Edward Humes
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1. When did the majority of intakes take place at the Central Lockup of Juvenile Hall, according to the author in “Intake”? Who in this system is described as having the greatest power?

The deposits occurred at night and following a brief interview with staff, officers made recommendations for how certain infractions were to be treated. These officials had great power to decide who is innocent and who is guilty, such as Geri Vance, a would-be motel robber who would probably spend life in prison without parole.

2. How is Elias Elizondo described? What is revealed in Elias’s poem from “Intake”?

Elias grew up in a rough neighborhood and committed crimes of increasing severity. In a poem, he noted that people are supposed to fear him and others like him. He delivered his lines stoically and began to resonate emotionally with the others. He noted that probation was a joke; he carried a gun and did drugs while on probation.

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