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Edward Humes
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapters 3 and 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old was Carla James when her father died?
(a) 7.
(b) 4.
(c) 9.
(d) 12.

2. Carla James was sentenced to spend how much time at Camp Resnick for theft and assault charges, according to the author in Part 1, Chapter 2?
(a) 1 year.
(b) 9 months.
(c) 2 years.
(d) 3 months.

3. How many kids does the narrator claim are warehoused at Central Juvenile Hall in “Intake”?
(a) 1,600.
(b) 1.200.
(c) 850.
(d) 650.

4. What does “ACLU” stand for?
(a) The American Civil Liberties Union.
(b) American Criminal Law Union.
(c) Architecture and Construction Law Union.
(d) American Corporate Law Union.

5. What is the name of the boy who testified against his father for molestation in Peggy Beckstrand’s memories of a prior case in Part 1, Chapter 3?
(a) Peter.
(b) Paul.
(c) John.
(d) James.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the narrator in “Intake,” the Central lockup facility was “ancient by Los Angeles standards,” meaning that it had been standing since before what?

2. What does the narrator in “Intake” describe as “both status symbols and necessary tools of the trade in this information age”?

3. The victims of the murder that Ronald Duncan was tried for owned what franchise?

4. According to the author in Part 1, Chapter 3, due to the protections of the Juvenile court, Ronald Duncan would be released by what age?

5. How many juvenile courthouses served Los Angeles County in 1994, according to the author in Part 1, Chapter 1?

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