Objects & Places from No Matter How Loud I Shout

Edward Humes
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Los Angeles, California

This is the main city and setting of the book.

Inglewood, California

This small city and suburb of a greater metropolitan area is the location of the juvenile court in the book.

California Youth Authority

This refers to the most severe form of punishment for juveniles without going to adult court. A number of the seven kids Humes followed ended up there.

Gang Territory

This refers to the areas of LA County where a number of serious crimes were committed.

Status Offenses

These are charges that apply to juveniles for crimes that are not crimes for adults. They are used to draw kids into the juvenile system before they commit serious crimes and are beyond the reach of the system.

The Writing Class

This is the setting where Humes interacts with the main individuals within the juvenile justice system.


Geri spent much of his...

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