No Matter How Loud I Shout Fun Activities

Edward Humes
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Go to court

As a class or as groups, recreate one of the primary court cases in the book. Give students the option of changing the approach of the defense or prosecution. How might the case have ended differently with different lawyers?

News article

Ask students to look in their local newspaper for an article that involves some aspect of the book and bring it to class. They will present it in front of the class and explain why it relates to the book.

Where are they now?

Give students the opportunity to conduct research on the follow-up of some of the individuals presented in the book. For example, where is Peggy Beckstrand now? Where is Judge Dorn?

Draw a key figure

Have students draw their interpretation of a key individual from the book. Artistic ability is not important, but their drawings must reflect the narrator’s description...

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