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Fawn M. Brodie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Saints willingly obeyed Joseph because they believe he was what?
(a) A man who lived what he preached.
(b) The mouthpiece of the Lord.
(c) A political leader.
(d) Charismatic.

2. Who was the attorney for the Mormons when they were tried after being arrested in Far West?
(a) Youngs.
(b) Austin.
(c) King.
(d) Doniphan.

3. The statements that the author makes about how many wives Joseph had and under what circumstances are what?
(a) Unsubstantiated.
(b) Verifiable.
(c) True.
(d) False.

4. There was a rift between Joseph and his Second Counselor over money and financial matters. What was the name of the Second Counselor?
(a) Bill Cannaghan.
(b) William Law.
(c) Bill Davidson.
(d) William Durham.

5. Where were Joseph and Hyrum initially buried?
(a) Basement of the Carthage jail.
(b) Basement of the Nauvoo temple.
(c) Basement of the Nauvoo House.
(d) Basement of the Nauvoo church building.

6. The dead from Carthage jail were taken where?
(a) Kirtland.
(b) Salt Lake City.
(c) Independence.
(d) Nauvoo.

7. On what day did the Saints gather to celebrate the laying of the cornerstone for the new temple in Far West?
(a) January 1st.
(b) July 4th.
(c) June 13th.
(d) August 9th.

8. Celestial marriage has often been ________ by those who are not members of the Church.
(a) Accepted.
(b) Misunderstood.
(c) Ignored.
(d) Confused with regular marriage.

9. Which paper published an obituary declaring that though Joseph was gone, his murder may give strength to the sect?
(a) Independence Inquisitor.
(b) New York Herald.
(c) Warsaw Expositor.
(d) Chicago Sun.

10. The sheriffs who took Joseph from Nauvoo were charged with what?
(a) False imprisonment.
(b) Attempted murder.
(c) Kidnapping.
(d) Battery.

11. The first wife must _____ to any other wives.
(a) Give acceptance.
(b) Give help.
(c) Give love.
(d) Give consent.

12. What was Joseph's Second Counselor's wife's name?
(a) Betty.
(b) Rachel.
(c) Janis.
(d) Jane.

13. Joseph's brother, Hyrum, was determined to vote for the Democratic candidate named what?
(a) Hoge.
(b) Walker.
(c) Reynolds.
(d) Ford.

14. What was the name of the General who refused to shoot his Mormon prisoners?
(a) Doniphin.
(b) Lucas.
(c) Lewis.
(d) Dexter.

15. How many Saints passed by the coffins of Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith?
(a) One hundred thousand.
(b) Ten thousand.
(c) Twenty thousand.
(d) Two thousand.

Short Answer Questions

1. After being taken from Far West to Independence, where were Joseph and the others taken to await trial?

2. Where did Emma have the bodies reburied?

3. What was the name of the newspaper that some, who left the church but stayed in Nauvoo, started?

4. In response to the mob attacks all over Missouri, where did Joseph Smith tell the people to gather?

5. Visitors who came to Nauvoo were taken on a tour by Joseph Smith when?

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