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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the visitors at Obi's home react after he has been there a couple of days?
(a) They become distant because he tries to stand up to his father for an unworthy woman.
(b) They are disappointed that Obi has lost touch with them.
(c) They feel closer to Obi because he accepts his father's decision.
(d) They take offense because he stays in his room and they are told he is ill.

2. How does Christopher deal with Obi's feelings about his mother's threat of suicide?
(a) Obi does not take it too seriously but Christopher warns that he should listen to his mother.
(b) Both are worried but Christopher makes light of it.
(c) Christopher tells a story of a woman who threatened suicide but backed away.
(d) Obi says he is only concerned about marrying Clara and Christopher calls him a fool.

3. What foreshadows trouble for Obi when evening prayers are said on the first day of his visit home?
(a) The prayers are filled with references to the devil and Obi believes something has happened to his sister.
(b) The prayers contain references to evil women and Obi believes they are cursing Clara.
(c) Obi believes references to the devil in the prayers are intended for Clara.
(d) The prayers are filled with references to the devil and Obi suspects his mother is dying.

4. According to Mr. Green, what characteristic of Nigerians would prevent the country from being able to manage independence?
(a) Green believes no Nigerian will put privilege over his country.
(b) Green believes there is too much corruption and lack of patriotism.
(c) Green believes Nigerians have no discipline or loyalty.
(d) Green believes Nigerians like Obi are lazy through and through.

5. When Obi goes to visit Clara in hospital, what comments by the doctor foreshadow what will happen between Clara and Obi?
(a) The doctor says there is not much hope for Clara.
(b) The doctor says Clara has given up on Obi.
(c) The doctor says Clara is too angry to speak to Obi.
(d) The doctor says Clara might not want to see Obi.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Obi's failure to repay Clara's money?

2. How does Obi eventually feel about his mother's death?

3. What is Christopher's view about bribery?

4. What does Clara say about their engagement the night before Obi goes home on leave?

5. How does Obi respond when his father broaches the subject of his relationship with Clara?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Obi visits home, how does the issue of Clara being osu affect Obi's discussions with his father?

2. What mixed reactions does Obi display in response to his mother's death?

3. What changes about Obi's thoughts when Obi approaches Mr. Omo about a salary advance and learns that his financial situation is even worse than he imagines?

4. When Obi reveals his suspicion that Clara is pregnant, how does Christopher react?

5. As Obi returns to office while Clara is hospitalized, how do the issues discussed at work contrast with the serious problems facing Obi?

6. When Obi reaches home, how does the author use descriptions of the rooms of Obi's parents to portray their characters?

7. After Obi visits Clara in hospital and she turns her face to the wall, how do events escalate development towards Obi's downfall?

8. When Obi leaves Clara to go off with the doctor who is going to perform the abortion, how does the author reveal the extent of Obi's distress?

9. As Obi and Marie Tomlinson become more cordial to each other, how does the author use these two characters to vary the portrayal of Mr. Green?

10. What cynical comment does the author make concerning Obi's feelings about Elsie Mark's determination to get a scholarship when Elsie Mark visits Obi?

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