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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the villagers accuse Obi of after his mother is buried?
(a) They accuse Obi of being ungrateful and wicked to his own.
(b) They accuse Obi of stealing from his own mother to be with an osu woman.
(c) Obi is called a beast who abandons his kin for sweet things.
(d) They accuse Obi of giving up his mother for an osu woman.

2. How does Obi explain his physical appearance when Miss Tomlinson says he looks run down?
(a) He claims a touch of malaria.
(b) He claims he was overworked on his leave at home.
(c) He claims distress about his mother's illness.
(d) He claims that he has not been sleeping well.

3. When Obi arrives home, what descriptions does the author give of his parents' rooms?
(a) Isaac's room has been cleared for Hannah to get more space.
(b) Both rooms are exactly as Obi remembers them from childhood.
(c) Both are in a disheveled condition.
(d) Isaac's room is filled with printed materials, while Hannah's is full of mundane things.

4. What foreshadows trouble for Obi when evening prayers are said on the first day of his visit home?
(a) The prayers are filled with references to the devil and Obi believes something has happened to his sister.
(b) Obi believes references to the devil in the prayers are intended for Clara.
(c) The prayers contain references to evil women and Obi believes they are cursing Clara.
(d) The prayers are filled with references to the devil and Obi suspects his mother is dying.

5. What are the contents of the letter from Obi that Clara later returns?
(a) His admission that he has wronged Clara terribly and his plea for another chance.
(b) His apology and his admission that there is no hope for them.
(c) His offer to marry her no matter what.
(d) His offer to make it all up to her and take her away from the problems.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the visitors at Obi's home react after he has been there a couple of days?

2. What is Christopher's reaction when Obi shares with him the outcomes of his talks with his parents about marrying Clara?

3. How does the author use the conversation between Obi and Marie Tomlinson to broaden the portrayal of Mr. Green's character?

4. What causes Obi's failure to repay Clara's money?

5. What is Obi's response when Clara goes off with the doctor?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Obi leaves Clara to go off with the doctor who is going to perform the abortion, how does the author reveal the extent of Obi's distress?

2. How does the second doctor that Clara and Obi visit differ from the first?

3. As Obi returns to office while Clara is hospitalized, how do the issues discussed at work contrast with the serious problems facing Obi?

4. When Obi reveals his suspicion that Clara is pregnant, how does Christopher react?

5. At the beginning of Obi's visit to his parents, how does the author communicate Obi's feelings about his mother?

6. What mixed feelings does Obi have about resisting the temptation to accept Mr. Mark's bribe?

7. After Obi visits Clara in hospital and she turns her face to the wall, how do events escalate development towards Obi's downfall?

8. What happens When Obi and Clara visit the first doctor about her pregnancy?

9. What event illustrates the seriousness with which those who want scholarships After Mr. Mark's visit to Obi's office treat applications?

10. What is Christopher's reaction When Obi tells Christopher about Elsie Mark's visit ho his home and his decision to turn her down?

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