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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens that makes Obi smile while reading that evening?
(a) Obi finds an old paper on which he had written a poem about Nigeria.
(b) Obi re-reads his first collection of poems written while he was studying.
(c) Obi writes a poem that evening.
(d) Obi reads his poetry to remind him of the carefree days in London.

2. How does the author use the conversation between Obi and Marie Tomlinson to broaden the portrayal of Mr. Green's character?
(a) He writes that Tomlinson considers him a hypocrite and Obi believes that Green hates Africa.
(b) He writes that Obi considers Green an oppressor and Miss Tomlinson admires Green's discipline.
(c) He writes that Miss Tomlinson finds a devout Christian and Obi believes Green has admirable qualities.
(d) He writes that both Miss Tomlinson and Obi find Mr. Green a good advisor.

3. What cynical feeling does Obi have about seeing how insistent the Marks family is on doing whatever it takes for Elsie to get a scholarship?
(a) A degree can turn a clerk into a European.
(b) A degree can turn a clerk into a senior civil servant at £570 plus amenities--the next best thing to being a white man.
(c) A degree can turn a clerk into a senior civil servant with a high salary--the next best thing to being European.
(d) A degree can make a clerk into what all Nigerians dream of becoming--more like the white man.

4. How does Christopher deal with Obi's feelings about his mother's threat of suicide?
(a) Obi says he is only concerned about marrying Clara and Christopher calls him a fool.
(b) Both are worried but Christopher makes light of it.
(c) Christopher tells a story of a woman who threatened suicide but backed away.
(d) Obi does not take it too seriously but Christopher warns that he should listen to his mother.

5. How does Christopher react to Obi's news that Clara might be pregnant?
(a) He comments that this is a new and serious turn of events.
(b) He comments that this shouold not encourage Obi to marry her.
(c) He immediately thinks of abortion.
(d) He comments that Obi might not be the father.

Short Answer Questions

1. What feelings does Obi have when he sees his mother?

2. When Obi finally reaches Clara's house, how does he relate the outcomes of his visit home?

3. How does the argument between Obi and Clara end on the night before he goes home?

4. How does Obi explain his physical appearance when Miss Tomlinson says he looks run down?

5. How does Obi's distraction about the situation with his family affect his journey back to Lagos?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Obi and Marie Tomlinson become more cordial to each other, how does the author use these two characters to vary the portrayal of Mr. Green?

2. At the beginning of Obi's visit to his parents, how does the author communicate Obi's feelings about his mother?

3. What cynical comment does the author make concerning Obi's feelings about Elsie Mark's determination to get a scholarship when Elsie Mark visits Obi?

4. Describe the two specific events after the death of Obi's mother that indicates that Obi has broken his resolve against accepting bribes.

5. As Obi is caught with evidence of having accepted a bribe, how does the author indicate that outsiders have no idea how to account for what has happened to Obi?

6. How does the second doctor that Clara and Obi visit differ from the first?

7. After Obi returns from his visit home, how does Christopher react to Obi's news about the response of his parents to his plan to marry Clara?

8. How do the incidents at the Roman Catholic convent in demonstrate limitations on social relationships in Lagos?

9. Why is Obi distressed by the reaction of his mother when they discuss Obi's plan to marry Clara?

10. When Obi reaches home, how does the author use descriptions of the rooms of Obi's parents to portray their characters?

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