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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Obi when he meets Clara for the first time?
(a) He is interested but cannot pursue her because he already has a date.
(b) He is completely rebuffed by her.
(c) He overlooks her beauty and only realizes he is interested in her after she is gone.
(d) He is tongue-tied and steps on her feet while dancing.

2. How does Joseph respond when Obi tells him of Clara's refusal to marry him because she is osu?
(a) He suggests that Obi visit Clara's parents.
(b) He agrees with Clara.
(c) He agrees with Obi.
(d) He refuses to comment because he has already wrecked a friendship by giving marital advice.

3. What is Obi's theory about corruption in Nigeria?
(a) That corruption among whites is the foundation for all corruption.
(b) That only foreigners in high places can stamp out corruption.
(c) Nigeria will remain corrupt until the "old Africans" are replaced by young educated men.
(d) Obi believes corruption will end when the British leave.

4. Where has Clara been living since returning to Nigeria?
(a) At Osu.
(b) At Yaba with her mother.
(c) At Yaba with her sister.
(d) At Omuefia.

5. By using the expression "Augean stable", what literary device is the author using?
(a) Biblical allusion.
(b) Folklore allusion.
(c) Historical allusion.
(d) Mythological allusion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where in Lagos does Joseph live?

2. With whom does Obi have breakfast on the first morning on the boat?

3. What surprises Obi and Joseph about the restaurant?

4. What is Obi told about the many dead dogs in the street when he visits the slum in Lagos?

5. What is special about Obi's arrival in Onitsha, a few miles from his village?

Short Essay Questions

1. What comments does Mr. Green make to suggest that he expected no better from Obi at the tennis club on the morning of the verdict?

2. What turn does the relationship between Obi and Clara take shortly after getting his new job?

3. What does Obi encounter that reminds him about the prevalence of bribery when going home for a short visit while waiting for the result of his interview?

4. What event foreshadows Obi's experiences with bribery when the boat bringing Clara and Obi back from England docks at Lagos?

5. What warning does the Rev. Samuel Ikedi give to Obi On the occasion of the banquet that Obi's father Isaac hold for him before he goes to study in England,?

6. How welcoming is Mr. Green when Obi is introduced on his first day at work in the civil service?

7. How does Obi first disappoint the Umuofian progressive Union and the poor Umuofians who tax themselves heavily to send Obi to England to become a lawyer?

8. What references to bribery show that the members are very familiar with corruption in Nigeria At the reception held to welcome Obi home?

9. What happens at Obi's job interview with the Public Service Commission?

10. What contact has there been between Clara and Obi before being together in the Lagos slum where Clara has a dressmaker?

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