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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Obi subtly reminded of his debt to the UPU at the reception?
(a) The secretary speaks of the honor Obi has brought them and refers to the obligation to pay back the investment.
(b) The Chairman ays that the sooner Obi gets work, the sooner he can meet his obligations.
(c) The Chairman bluntlyreminds Obi that in order for others to get the chance he received, he must be responsible about his debt.
(d) The Chairman asks Obi if he has made a budget and a schedule for repaying his loan.

2. How does the author prove the assertion that Obi has been homesick while studying in England when Obi is communicating with his villagers?
(a) He enjoys the dancing and singing and is nostalgic.
(b) The celebrations cause him to become tearful and nostalgic.
(c) He sits with the elders and asks for more folk stories.
(d) He speaks Ibo whenever possible and feels shame for using English to a Nigerian.

3. What new expense does Obi assume when he gets his new car that suggests another symbol of his status?
(a) Obi has a driver, whom he hires for £4 a month.
(b) Obi has a valet whom he pays £10 a month.
(c) Obi has a driver whom he hires for £10 a month.
(d) Obi has a houseboy whom he pays £4 a month.

4. How does Joseph respond upon hearing that Obi has purchased a ring for Clara?
(a) He asks Obi to consider future generations and those who paid for his education
(b) He asks him to consider his poor parents who are going to be disappointed.
(c) He asks him to consider the poor people who paid for his education.
(d) He asks him to consider the effect on the future of both Clara and himself.

5. How does Obi view the luxurious residential area originally meant for Europeans but later occupied by the trickle of Africans who get European posts?
(a) He wants Clara to be happy when they marry and go there to live.
(b) He thinks it will be good to live there when he gets his "European post."
(c) He thinks it is necessary to live there to show that he has accomplished something.
(d) It makes Obi think of the twin kernels in palm-nuts: one shiny, black, and alive, and the other powdery, white, and dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Obi have breakfast on the first morning on the boat?

2. How does Joseph respond when Obi tells him of Clara's refusal to marry him because she is osu?

3. How does Obi respond to the two men he meets on his first day at work?

4. Which veteran civil servant is assigned to teach Obi about office administration?

5. According to a flashback, where does Obi first meet Clara?

Short Essay Questions

1. What immediate effect does Obi's new job have on his financial status and on Clara?

2. What views about the "bride-price" do Obi and Joseph discuss after speaking about Obi's job interview?

3. What does Obi encounter that reminds him about the prevalence of bribery when going home for a short visit while waiting for the result of his interview?

4. What internal conflict does Obi experience while he is on his first visit with his father at home?

5. What happens at Obi's job interview with the Public Service Commission?

6. How does the incident with the police and the lorry driver on the way to Umuofia affect Obi's views about getting rid of bribery?

7. What makes Obi especially interested in a new arrival at the Pine Grove while he and Joseph are there?

8. What comments does Mr. Green make to suggest that he expected no better from Obi at the tennis club on the morning of the verdict?

9. How welcoming is Mr. Green when Obi is introduced on his first day at work in the civil service?

10. What event foreshadows Obi's experiences with bribery when the boat bringing Clara and Obi back from England docks at Lagos?

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