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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What moves Obi even though he has little religion left while on the boat looking out to sea?
(a) He recalls, "I must go down to the sea again."
(b) He recalls, "They that go down to the sea in ships."
(c) He recalls, "I see my God in the sea and the sky."
(d) He recalls, "And into sea He stepped with is disciples."

2. According to the Vice-President, who "eats" most bribes in Nigeria?
(a) Black men.
(b) Black men and white men are equally involved.
(c) Black politicians.
(d) White men.

3. What causes Obi to storm out of the December UPU meeting in anger, intending not to return?
(a) The President's refusal to approve Obi's request for a grace period.
(b) The President's reference to rumors about Obi's plans to marry a girl of "doubtful ancestry."
(c) The revelation that Obi has already been living above his means.
(d) The comments of the elders about Obi's arrogance.

4. What is the meaning of Obi's full name?
(a) The last of my father's children.
(b) The mind at last is at rest.
(c) One who will do great things.
(d) One born to woe.

5. What is Obi's response when he and Clara go walking and she suddenly announces they cannot marry?
(a) He calls it nonsense.
(b) He thinks she is being coy.
(c) He says he will pay more money for her.
(d) He laughts at her, knowing she is joking.

Short Answer Questions

1. What offensive question does the commissioner who has been sleeping in the interview ask Obi when he wakes up?

2. What is the name of Obi's houseboy?

3. How do Obi and Joseph plan to make a special entrance that will show off Obi's new car at the December meeting of the UPU?

4. Why does the Umuofia Progressive Union meet again to discuss Obi's case on the morning of the trial?

5. What new expense does Obi assume when he gets his new car that suggests another symbol of his status?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the meaning of Obi's full name and why did his father give him this name?

2. What happens at Obi's job interview with the Public Service Commission?

3. What theory has he developed about ending corruption in Nigeria Before Obi begins to work? How has it evolved and why is it ironic?

4. How does the incident with the police and the lorry driver on the way to Umuofia affect Obi's views about getting rid of bribery?

5. How does Obi first disappoint the Umuofian progressive Union and the poor Umuofians who tax themselves heavily to send Obi to England to become a lawyer?

6. After arguing with Joseph, how does Obi first demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions to marry Clara?

7. What sights does Obi observe and how does he respond When Obi returns to Lagos from England and visits a Lagos slum?

8. What contact has there been between Clara and Obi before being together in the Lagos slum where Clara has a dressmaker?

9. What two mistakes does Obi make when Obi attends reception held in Lagos by the Umuofian Progressive Union to welcome him home?

10. What comments does Mr. Green make to suggest that he expected no better from Obi at the tennis club on the morning of the verdict?

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