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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joseph respond upon hearing that Obi has purchased a ring for Clara?
(a) He asks him to consider the poor people who paid for his education.
(b) He asks him to consider the effect on the future of both Clara and himself.
(c) He asks him to consider his poor parents who are going to be disappointed.
(d) He asks Obi to consider future generations and those who paid for his education

2. What is the stance of the organization's leaders toward his involvement in bribery in the UPU's discussions about Obi's case?
(a) They are embarrassed by the discovery that they are a party to his involvement.
(b) They believe that Obi's lack of experience cause him to take the money personally rather than through his houseboy.
(c) They are ashamed that their member could have brought such disgrace upon them.
(d) They see nothing wrong with bribery.

3. How does Obi view the luxurious residential area originally meant for Europeans but later occupied by the trickle of Africans who get European posts?
(a) He thinks it is necessary to live there to show that he has accomplished something.
(b) He thinks it will be good to live there when he gets his "European post."
(c) It makes Obi think of the twin kernels in palm-nuts: one shiny, black, and alive, and the other powdery, white, and dead.
(d) He wants Clara to be happy when they marry and go there to live.

4. What happens to Obi when he meets Clara for the first time?
(a) He is completely rebuffed by her.
(b) He is tongue-tied and steps on her feet while dancing.
(c) He is interested but cannot pursue her because he already has a date.
(d) He overlooks her beauty and only realizes he is interested in her after she is gone.

5. What offensive question does the commissioner who has been sleeping in the interview ask Obi when he wakes up?
(a) Whether he has brought home a white wife.
(b) Whether he intends to take bribes.
(c) Whether he can rise above the laziness of his people.
(d) How long he willl survive the system.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Obi to storm out of the December UPU meeting in anger, intending not to return?

2. What is Nigeria's real problem according to Obi in his remarks to Christopher?

3. What new post has Clara been offered while Obi has been dealing with his new job?

4. What are the villagers particularly happy about?

5. Why does the Umuofia Progressive Union meet again to discuss Obi's case on the morning of the trial?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the two specific events after the death of Obi's mother that indicates that Obi has broken his resolve against accepting bribes.

2. How does Obi first disappoint the Umuofian progressive Union and the poor Umuofians who tax themselves heavily to send Obi to England to become a lawyer?

3. What incident involving Mr. Mark at Obi's office foreshadows Obi's eventual involvement with bribes over scholarships?

4. What cynical comment does the author make concerning Obi's feelings about Elsie Mark's determination to get a scholarship when Elsie Mark visits Obi?

5. What event illustrates the seriousness with which those who want scholarships After Mr. Mark's visit to Obi's office treat applications?

6. At the beginning of Obi's visit to his parents, how does the author communicate Obi's feelings about his mother?

7. What are the main events involving Obi at the December meeting of the UPU attended by Joseph and Obi?

8. What happens at Obi's job interview with the Public Service Commission?

9. What makes Obi decide to apply for local leave and visit his home?

10. As Obi and Marie Tomlinson become more cordial to each other, how does the author use these two characters to vary the portrayal of Mr. Green?

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