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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Obi respond to the two men he meets on his first day at work?
(a) He dislikes Mr. Green and views Mr. Omo as one of the old Africans.
(b) He ignores Mr. Green and shows respect for Mr. Omo.
(c) He instantly likes Mr. Green and ridicules Mr. Omo.
(d) He instantly likes Mr. Omo and dislikes Mr. Green.

2. What shocks Joseph about Obi while they are at the restaurant?
(a) He does not eat any meat.
(b) He drinks a lot of wine.
(c) He eats with his fingers.
(d) He demands traditional Nigerian food.

3. Although Clara is businesslike when she visits Obi's cabin, what gives him hope that she is interested?
(a) She tells him she likes him a little.
(b) She says she is not seeing anyone.
(c) She says in Ibo that they belong together.
(d) She says he is handsome.

4. How is Obi subtly reminded of his debt to the UPU at the reception?
(a) The Chairman bluntlyreminds Obi that in order for others to get the chance he received, he must be responsible about his debt.
(b) The Chairman ays that the sooner Obi gets work, the sooner he can meet his obligations.
(c) The Chairman asks Obi if he has made a budget and a schedule for repaying his loan.
(d) The secretary speaks of the honor Obi has brought them and refers to the obligation to pay back the investment.

5. What is Obi warned about at his farewell prayer meeting?
(a) He is to study hard and go often to church.
(b) He is to "learn book," fear the Lord and not fall into the temptations of other young Africans.
(c) He is to study hard and not chase white women.
(d) He is to go to church and stay out of trouble.

Short Answer Questions

1. From which university has Christopher received his degree?

2. What references are made to suggest that the UPU leaders are very aware of the prevalence of bribery in government circles?

3. How do Obi and Joseph plan to make a special entrance that will show off Obi's new car at the December meeting of the UPU?

4. What is Obi's full name?

5. What helps to cement a friendship between MacMillan and Obi?

Short Essay Questions

1. What contact has there been between Clara and Obi before being together in the Lagos slum where Clara has a dressmaker?

2. What story does Joseph recall about Obi's school days while he and Obi are at dinner at the Pine Grove?

3. What internal conflict does Obi experience while he is on his first visit with his father at home?

4. What complaints does Obi make about an encounter with the police after buying the ring and returning home to Joseph?

5. What views about the "bride-price" do Obi and Joseph discuss after speaking about Obi's job interview?

6. What spoils his homecoming when Obi arrives home in Umuofia?

7. What are the main events involving Obi at the December meeting of the UPU attended by Joseph and Obi?

8. What theory has he developed about ending corruption in Nigeria Before Obi begins to work? How has it evolved and why is it ironic?

9. How welcoming is Mr. Green when Obi is introduced on his first day at work in the civil service?

10. What two mistakes does Obi make when Obi attends reception held in Lagos by the Umuofian Progressive Union to welcome him home?

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