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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joseph respond upon hearing that Obi has purchased a ring for Clara?
(a) He asks him to consider the poor people who paid for his education.
(b) He asks him to consider the effect on the future of both Clara and himself.
(c) He asks him to consider his poor parents who are going to be disappointed.
(d) He asks Obi to consider future generations and those who paid for his education

2. What does Obi do while awaiting the results of his interview?
(a) He goes to the Cameroon village for a short visit.
(b) He goes back to Obiajulu for a short visit.
(c) He goes home to Umuofia for a short visit.
(d) He goes to Clara's village for a short visit with her parents.

3. After his discussion with Clara and then with Joseph, how does Obi express his defiance of opposition to his marrying Clara?
(a) He asks Clara's father for her hand in marriage and gives her a ring.
(b) He obtains a marriage license and ring immediately.
(c) He drives her to Kingsway to buy an engagement ring and a Bible.
(d) He tells his parents he will marry Clara no matter what and buys her a ring.

4. What does the encounter with bribery on the way home cause Obi to think about the situation?
(a) Obi concludes Lagos is an Augean stable and vows to clean it up.
(b) Obi wonders where to begin cleaning the Augean stable and thinks a dictator is necessary.
(c) Obi concludes that bribery is an Augean stable that requires educated people to clean it up.
(d) Obi concludes that bribery is an Augean stable that only foreigners can cean up.

5. What complaint does Obi make to Joseph about treatment he receives from the police when he goes out driving with Clara?
(a) He hassles them on Victoria Beach Road questioning how Obi can afford a driver.
(b) He hassles them on Victoria Beach Road, questioning the source of Obi's car.
(c) He hassles them when they park on Victoria Beach Road thinking Clara is the wife of someone else. someone's else's wife.
(d) He leers at Clara while they are walking on Victoria Beach Road.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Obi's full name?

2. Why does Clara imply that Obi should not complain when he complains about seeing "good movies?"

3. What is special about Obi's arrival in Onitsha, a few miles from his village?

4. Which veteran civil servant is assigned to teach Obi about office administration?

5. What is Obi's theory about corruption in Nigeria?

Short Essay Questions

1. What two mistakes does Obi make when Obi attends reception held in Lagos by the Umuofian Progressive Union to welcome him home?

2. What views about the "bride-price" do Obi and Joseph discuss after speaking about Obi's job interview?

3. Before going to England, Obi spends time in Lagos with Joseph Okeke. Who is Joseph and how is he connected with Obi?

4. What immediate effect does Obi's new job have on his financial status and on Clara?

5. What theory has he developed about ending corruption in Nigeria Before Obi begins to work? How has it evolved and why is it ironic?

6. What are the main events involving Obi at the December meeting of the UPU attended by Joseph and Obi?

7. What makes Obi especially interested in a new arrival at the Pine Grove while he and Joseph are there?

8. What is the meaning of Obi's full name and why did his father give him this name?

9. What warning does the Rev. Samuel Ikedi give to Obi On the occasion of the banquet that Obi's father Isaac hold for him before he goes to study in England,?

10. What contact has there been between Clara and Obi before being together in the Lagos slum where Clara has a dressmaker?

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