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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Obi mind when a long, noisy procession of the "Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim" delays his journey to Clara's house?
(a) He knows she is working late and he will have time to think.
(b) It gives him the chance to change his mind and go home instead.
(c) He has decided to break off the engagement.
(d) He is in a panic because he does not know what to tell Clara.

2. When Obi goes to visit Clara in hospital, what comments by the doctor foreshadow what will happen between Clara and Obi?
(a) The doctor says there is not much hope for Clara.
(b) The doctor says Clara might not want to see Obi.
(c) The doctor says Clara has given up on Obi.
(d) The doctor says Clara is too angry to speak to Obi.

3. Despite coming to like Christopher, what does Clara fear about him?
(a) That Chrisopher will dissuade Obi from marrying her.
(b) That his careless spending will rub off on Obi.
(c) That Obi will waste his money entertaining Christopher.
(d) That his womanizing will rub off on Obi.

4. How does Christopher deal with Obi's feelings about his mother's threat of suicide?
(a) Christopher tells a story of a woman who threatened suicide but backed away.
(b) Both are worried but Christopher makes light of it.
(c) Obi does not take it too seriously but Christopher warns that he should listen to his mother.
(d) Obi says he is only concerned about marrying Clara and Christopher calls him a fool.

5. What is Christopher's response to hearing that Obi turned down advances from Elsie Mark?
(a) Christopher calls him "the biggest ass in Nigeria" for missing such an oppportunity.
(b) Christopher calls him "the biggest ass in Nigeria" because he has left the girl thinking him impotent.
(c) Christopher calls him "the biggest ass in Nigeria" for being faithful to Clara.
(d) Christopher calls him "the biggest ass in Nigeria" for trying to change the world.

6. What is Christopher's view about bribery?
(a) He says everybody is influenced by something.
(b) He says only acceptance of money constitutes bribery.
(c) He says taking willing Elsie to bed after her interview does not qualify as bribery.
(d) He says white members of the committee would have accepted Miss Mark's offer.

7. How bad is the situation when Obi's insurance bill actually arrives?
(a) The insurance has to be paid much sooner than Obi expected.
(b) The insurance costs £60 and Obi has £15 in the bank.
(c) The insurance costs twice what Obi expected.
(d) The insurance costs £42 and Obi has £13 in the bank.

8. What is Obi's initial response when his father forbids him to marry Clara?
(a) He quotes the Bible and storms out of the room in anger.
(b) He insists that the Bible says in Christ there are no bond or free.
(c) He quotes the Bible and says he will marry Clara no matter what.
(d) He tells his father he is a hypocrite to say he is a Christian.

9. After Clara and Obi discuss the situation concerning the response of his parents to their engagement, what comments of Clara foreshadow further trouble?
(a) She reveals that her parents are also against the marriage.
(b) She says she is in trouble at work but she is working things out.
(c) She reveals that she is pregnant but wants him to leave it to her to manage it..
(d) Clara says there is something she had wanted to tell him, but she should be able to take care of it herself.

10. How do the visitors at Obi's home react after he has been there a couple of days?
(a) They become distant because he tries to stand up to his father for an unworthy woman.
(b) They are disappointed that Obi has lost touch with them.
(c) They take offense because he stays in his room and they are told he is ill.
(d) They feel closer to Obi because he accepts his father's decision.

11. What is the first report of Obi's involvement in bribery?
(a) Obi accepts a bribe from a colleague whose daughter needs a scholarship.
(b) Obi sleeps with a scholarship applicant and then recommends her for the scholarship.
(c) He finally accepts money to make his payments to the UPU.
(d) A prosperous Lagos businessman hands him money to get his son to England on scholarship one evening during scholarship season.

12. On what assumption does Mr. Green find it necessary to warn Obi about paying his car insurance?
(a) He knows Obi is careless with details.
(b) He believes Obi will do a back door deal if Mr. Green does not watch carefully.
(c) He believes Obi is irresponsible.
(d) The educated rarely think about tomorrow.

13. When Obi finally reaches Clara's house, how does he relate the outcomes of his visit home?
(a) He suggests they go back to England and marry.
(b) He says they will have to wait until things settle down.
(c) He tells her they have to call off the marriage but he will be with her anyway.
(d) He makes light of it, saying all will be well if they remain quiet for a while.

14. What does the process lead Obi to decide when he examines the "mainspring of his actions" for the first time in his life?
(a) He decides to confess his troubles to Mr. Green and ask for help.
(b) He resolves to stop making payments to the UPU until it is convenient.
(c) He decides to confess his troubles to his father and ask for help.
(d) He decides to confess his troubles to Clara's father and ask for help.

15. What is Obi's response when Clara goes off with the doctor?
(a) Fearing for Clara's life, he goes home and breaks down emotionally.
(b) Fearing losing Clara, he goes back to Christopher and breaks down emotionally.
(c) Fearing for Clara's life, he goes to work and breaks down emotionally.
(d) Fearing losing Clara, he tries to follow the doctor's car, but gets lost and is nearly killed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Obi's failure to repay Clara's money?

2. What news from home necessitates Obi taking leave to visit his village?

3. Where do Christopher and Obi go to play tennis with Nora and Pat?

4. What destroys Obi's hope for support from his mother for marrying Clara?

5. What is Christopher's reaction when Obi shares with him the outcomes of his talks with his parents about marrying Clara?

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