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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what assumption does Mr. Green find it necessary to warn Obi about paying his car insurance?
(a) The educated rarely think about tomorrow.
(b) He believes Obi is irresponsible.
(c) He believes Obi will do a back door deal if Mr. Green does not watch carefully.
(d) He knows Obi is careless with details.

2. What does the incident with Clara's abortion reveal about this aspect of life in Lagos?
(a) Everyone looks down on a girl who has an abortion.
(b) Abortions are illegal and expensive.
(c) Abortions are inexpensive but dangerous.
(d) Abortions are safe but expensive.

3. Which friend does Christopher say will help Obi and Clara to find a doctor?
(a) Okoli.
(b) Miss Tomlinson.
(c) James.
(d) Umuofia.

4. What brings Obi additional criticism when his mother dies?
(a) They hear of him forcing Clara to have an abortion.
(b) They hear of him getting an osu woman pregnant.
(c) He fails to turn up in time for his mother's funeral.
(d) People criticize the paltry funeral held for the mother of a civil servant.

5. How does the author use the conversation between Obi and Marie Tomlinson to broaden the portrayal of Mr. Green's character?
(a) He writes that both Miss Tomlinson and Obi find Mr. Green a good advisor.
(b) He writes that Miss Tomlinson finds a devout Christian and Obi believes Green has admirable qualities.
(c) He writes that Obi considers Green an oppressor and Miss Tomlinson admires Green's discipline.
(d) He writes that Tomlinson considers him a hypocrite and Obi believes that Green hates Africa.

6. What is the first report of Obi's involvement in bribery?
(a) Obi sleeps with a scholarship applicant and then recommends her for the scholarship.
(b) He finally accepts money to make his payments to the UPU.
(c) Obi accepts a bribe from a colleague whose daughter needs a scholarship.
(d) A prosperous Lagos businessman hands him money to get his son to England on scholarship one evening during scholarship season.

7. Why does Obi tell Christopher a story about a catechist twenty years before who was in such a hurry to marry that she cut her education short and was bitter?
(a) To warn Christopher about the dangers of having more than one woman.
(b) To prevent Christopher from causing a woman to be bitter about being prevented from completing her studies.
(c) To encourage Christopher to consider becoming a Christian.
(d) To demonstrate the troubles men encounter because of women.

8. How do the visitors at Obi's home react after he has been there a couple of days?
(a) They become distant because he tries to stand up to his father for an unworthy woman.
(b) They take offense because he stays in his room and they are told he is ill.
(c) They are disappointed that Obi has lost touch with them.
(d) They feel closer to Obi because he accepts his father's decision.

9. What destroys Obi's hope for support from his mother for marrying Clara?
(a) The argument between Obi and Hannah makes Hannah's condition worsen.
(b) Because Hannah curses Clara without hearing a word from Obi.
(c) Hannah becomes boisterous and sends him away.
(d) Hannah threatens to kill herself if he marries Clara.

10. Why does Obi send for Charles Ibe when he sees his financial situation worsening?
(a) Ibe knows a source of cheaper insurance.
(b) Obi wants to borrow money from Ibe.
(c) Obi is holding a promissory note to repay money that Ibe borrowed.
(d) Obi wants to collect a bribe that Ibe promised to pay him.

11. How does Christopher react to Obi's news that Clara might be pregnant?
(a) He comments that this shouold not encourage Obi to marry her.
(b) He comments that this is a new and serious turn of events.
(c) He comments that Obi might not be the father.
(d) He immediately thinks of abortion.

12. Why is Clara upset with Obi when she hears about him contemplating a bank overdraft?
(a) Because he refuses to return the engagement ring and get back the money.
(b) Because he will not use money he set aside for the bride payment.
(c) Because he refuses the money offered by her parents.
(d) Because he did not ask her for money.

13. How do the circumstances surrounding Clara's hospitalization contribute to Obi's eventual downfall?
(a) They lead to his mother's death and Obi's decision to return to England.
(b) They lead to their break-up and the worsening of his financial situation.
(c) They lead to Clara's death, more expenses, and his loss of hope.
(d) They cause him to leave Clara and become more careless about money, finally accepting a bribe.

14. How does Obi feel after he resists the temptation to accept Mr. Mark's bribe?
(a) He feels wonderful because Marie says he did so well in the interview.
(b) He feels wonderful because he will get a good review.
(c) He feels wonderful because Clara sends a note agreeing to marry him.
(d) He feels wonderful because he resisted his first temptation to accept a bribe.

15. What is Christopher's reaction when Obi shares with him the outcomes of his talks with his parents about marrying Clara?
(a) He tells Obi there are many alternatives to a woman like Clara.
(b) He encourages Obi to wait for time to heal the situation.
(c) He says he never liked Clara anyway.
(d) He agrees with Obi's parents saying that customs cannot be ignored.

Short Answer Questions

1. Despite coming to like Christopher, what does Clara fear about him?

2. What brings a bad end to the occasion at the end of the evening after the two couples have enjoyed themselves?

3. What character traits does Christopher display in the incident when he and Obi discuss the possibility of Clara's pregnancy?

4. What does Obi do in an effort to find solace for his distress about Clara's situation?

5. What does the parcel that arrives from the general hospital while Obi is at work contain?

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