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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Obi decide to do when he learns that he might have to pay back money from his travel allowance?
(a) He decides to say he went to the Cameroons.
(b) He decides to say he was travelling on office business.
(c) He decides to say he lost his receipts.
(d) He decides to pay Mr. Omo to keep quiet.

2. What is Obi's first impression of Marie Tomlinson, his co-worker at the office?
(a) That she is having an affair with a black clerk.
(b) That she is a spy.
(c) That she is having an affair with the boss.
(d) That she is carrying tales to Mr. Omo.

3. What does the parcel that arrives from the general hospital while Obi is at work contain?
(a) Clara sends him £50 and Obi does not know how to return the money without offending her.
(b) Clara sends him the ring asking him to return it until they can afford it.
(c) Clara sends him a £100 note and asks him never to pay her back.
(d) Clara sends him a monetary gift from her father.

4. What is Obi's financial situation like as he is on his way home?
(a) He has enough money because of his leave pay.
(b) He has less than he needs and owes money on John's school fees.
(c) He has no money and will not be able to pay John's school fees.
(d) He has only John's schoool fees and some small change.

5. What is Christopher's reaction when Obi shares with him the outcomes of his talks with his parents about marrying Clara?
(a) He agrees with Obi's parents saying that customs cannot be ignored.
(b) He tells Obi there are many alternatives to a woman like Clara.
(c) He encourages Obi to wait for time to heal the situation.
(d) He says he never liked Clara anyway.

6. What does the incident with Clara's abortion reveal about this aspect of life in Lagos?
(a) Abortions are illegal and expensive.
(b) Abortions are safe but expensive.
(c) Everyone looks down on a girl who has an abortion.
(d) Abortions are inexpensive but dangerous.

7. How does the author use the conversation between Obi and Marie Tomlinson to broaden the portrayal of Mr. Green's character?
(a) He writes that both Miss Tomlinson and Obi find Mr. Green a good advisor.
(b) He writes that Miss Tomlinson finds a devout Christian and Obi believes Green has admirable qualities.
(c) He writes that Obi considers Green an oppressor and Miss Tomlinson admires Green's discipline.
(d) He writes that Tomlinson considers him a hypocrite and Obi believes that Green hates Africa.

8. What is Christopher's response to hearing that Obi turned down advances from Elsie Mark?
(a) Christopher calls him "the biggest ass in Nigeria" for trying to change the world.
(b) Christopher calls him "the biggest ass in Nigeria" for being faithful to Clara.
(c) Christopher calls him "the biggest ass in Nigeria" for missing such an oppportunity.
(d) Christopher calls him "the biggest ass in Nigeria" because he has left the girl thinking him impotent.

9. What is the first report of Obi's involvement in bribery?
(a) Obi accepts a bribe from a colleague whose daughter needs a scholarship.
(b) A prosperous Lagos businessman hands him money to get his son to England on scholarship one evening during scholarship season.
(c) Obi sleeps with a scholarship applicant and then recommends her for the scholarship.
(d) He finally accepts money to make his payments to the UPU.

10. How does the author suggest that there is more than tennis to the relationship that Obi and Christoper have with Nora and Pat?
(a) He writes that Obi accuses Nora and Pat of racism because they rebuff their advances.
(b) He writes that Obi and Christopher quarrel over Nora.
(c) He writes that Nora rebuffs Obi's passionate kiss, saying it is a sin for Catholics.
(d) He writes that Obi kisses Pat passionately and the Mother sees them.

11. How does Obi feel after he resists the temptation to accept Mr. Mark's bribe?
(a) He feels wonderful because Clara sends a note agreeing to marry him.
(b) He feels wonderful because he will get a good review.
(c) He feels wonderful because he resisted his first temptation to accept a bribe.
(d) He feels wonderful because Marie says he did so well in the interview.

12. How does Joseph show support for Obi after his mother dies?
(a) Joseph brings beer for delegations of UPU mourners who might drop by.
(b) He offers to go with him to the village even though it wil be after his mother's funeral.
(c) He stays and talks with him through the night.
(d) He offers to find Clara and bring her back.

13. What worries does Obi have about the expectations of the people at home as he makes his journey home?
(a) They will want to interfere in his business.
(b) They will want to share in his good fortune.
(c) They will want to meet his bride-to-be.
(d) They will want to give him all sorts of embarrassing gifts.

14. What reason does Clara give for making her suggestion about their engagement?
(a) That Obi will hate her for breaking off the engagement.
(b) That she will ruin Obi's life by coming between him and his family.
(c) That Obi's parents will disinherit him.
(d) That Obi will not return from his visit home.

15. How does Obi eventually feel about his mother's death?
(a) He cannot recall his mother and feels only anger.
(b) He feels peace as his mother's memory fades.
(c) He is angry about losing Clara for nothing.
(d) He feels lonely and disappointed bu also relieved.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Obi goes to visit Clara in hospital, what comments by the doctor foreshadow what will happen between Clara and Obi?

2. From whom does Obi borrow money to help out with Clara's abortion?

3. What literary device does the author use in the reference to Pilate in describing Isaac's attitude to "the written word?"

4. What feelings does Obi have when he sees his mother?

5. What happens that makes Obi smile while reading that evening?

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