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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Obi respond to the assertions of Mr. Green and Miss Tomlinson about leave entitlements available to Africans?
(a) Obi says it is their country so they should have the same privileges as the British.
(b) Obi says that the Europeans set the rules when no Nigerians were in the senior service.
(c) Obi says Nigerians will show the Europeans what they are capable of.
(d) Obi says they know nothing about Nigerians.

2. What foreshadows trouble for Obi when evening prayers are said on the first day of his visit home?
(a) The prayers are filled with references to the devil and Obi suspects his mother is dying.
(b) The prayers are filled with references to the devil and Obi believes something has happened to his sister.
(c) The prayers contain references to evil women and Obi believes they are cursing Clara.
(d) Obi believes references to the devil in the prayers are intended for Clara.

3. How does Obi respond when his father broaches the subject of his relationship with Clara?
(a) Obi says he wants to meet her people and start negotiations.
(b) Obi says he is not sure whether he should marry Clara.
(c) Obi says he loves her and will marry her no matter what.
(d) Obi says he is worried about the relationship.

4. How does Marie Tomlinson respond when she sees Obi's distress about his financial situation?
(a) She offers to lend him money.
(b) She commiserates with him about the high costs in Nigeria.
(c) She says all the educated Nigerians are the same; they have no financial discipline.
(d) She blames him for living above his means.

5. What brings Obi additional criticism when his mother dies?
(a) They hear of him forcing Clara to have an abortion.
(b) He fails to turn up in time for his mother's funeral.
(c) They hear of him getting an osu woman pregnant.
(d) People criticize the paltry funeral held for the mother of a civil servant.

6. What are the contents of the letter from Obi that Clara later returns?
(a) His admission that he has wronged Clara terribly and his plea for another chance.
(b) His offer to marry her no matter what.
(c) His apology and his admission that there is no hope for them.
(d) His offer to make it all up to her and take her away from the problems.

7. What is Christopher's view about bribery?
(a) He says white members of the committee would have accepted Miss Mark's offer.
(b) He says everybody is influenced by something.
(c) He says only acceptance of money constitutes bribery.
(d) He says taking willing Elsie to bed after her interview does not qualify as bribery.

8. How do the circumstances surrounding Clara's hospitalization contribute to Obi's eventual downfall?
(a) They lead to their break-up and the worsening of his financial situation.
(b) They lead to his mother's death and Obi's decision to return to England.
(c) They lead to Clara's death, more expenses, and his loss of hope.
(d) They cause him to leave Clara and become more careless about money, finally accepting a bribe.

9. Why doesn't Obi mind when a long, noisy procession of the "Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim" delays his journey to Clara's house?
(a) He is in a panic because he does not know what to tell Clara.
(b) He knows she is working late and he will have time to think.
(c) He has decided to break off the engagement.
(d) It gives him the chance to change his mind and go home instead.

10. What causes the women to mock Obi when he visits Clara in the hospital?
(a) They mock him for being over-excited and confused over a simple matter.
(b) They mock him for going on his knees to beg Clara's forgiveness.
(c) They mock him for thinking that his big government car gives him privileges.
(d) They mock him for crying in front of all the women.

11. How does Obi finally get caught for his involvement in bribery?
(a) An undercover policeman pays him a bribe with marked bills.
(b) A visitor returns with a stranger who finds Obi with marked bills after paying Obi money.
(c) Mr. Green has a spy follow Obi home and sees him accepting money.
(d) Mr. Omo sees Obi accepting money from a scholarship applicant at the club.

12. How does the author make it clear that Obi's financial situation is deteriorating after Obi resists Mr. Mark's offer of a bribe?
(a) He cannot find the money he promised to send to his parents.
(b) He cannot find the money to pay John's fees and he owes Clara money.
(c) Obi finds it hard to live on what remains after paying the UPU and sending money to help his parents.
(d) He has fallen into debt with the UPU and owes someone at the office.

13. Which friend does Christopher say will help Obi and Clara to find a doctor?
(a) Okoli.
(b) Umuofia.
(c) James.
(d) Miss Tomlinson.

14. Why is Clara upset with Obi when she hears about him contemplating a bank overdraft?
(a) Because he refuses the money offered by her parents.
(b) Because he will not use money he set aside for the bride payment.
(c) Because he refuses to return the engagement ring and get back the money.
(d) Because he did not ask her for money.

15. Despite coming to like Christopher, what does Clara fear about him?
(a) That his careless spending will rub off on Obi.
(b) That Chrisopher will dissuade Obi from marrying her.
(c) That Obi will waste his money entertaining Christopher.
(d) That his womanizing will rub off on Obi.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Obi feel after he resists the temptation to accept Mr. Mark's bribe?

2. How does the relationship between Obi and Marie Tomlinson develop after she witnesses Obi's distress about his finances?

3. How does the first doctor respond when Clara and Obi visit him?

4. What does Obi do in an effort to find solace for his distress about Clara's situation?

5. For what kind of leave does Obi apply when he has to go home to deal with the news he receives?

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