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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Obi tell Christopher a story about a catechist twenty years before who was in such a hurry to marry that she cut her education short and was bitter?
(a) To warn Christopher about the dangers of having more than one woman.
(b) To prevent Christopher from causing a woman to be bitter about being prevented from completing her studies.
(c) To encourage Christopher to consider becoming a Christian.
(d) To demonstrate the troubles men encounter because of women.

2. Which friend does Christopher say will help Obi and Clara to find a doctor?
(a) James.
(b) Okoli.
(c) Miss Tomlinson.
(d) Umuofia.

3. What does the process lead Obi to decide when he examines the "mainspring of his actions" for the first time in his life?
(a) He decides to confess his troubles to Clara's father and ask for help.
(b) He decides to confess his troubles to his father and ask for help.
(c) He decides to confess his troubles to Mr. Green and ask for help.
(d) He resolves to stop making payments to the UPU until it is convenient.

4. How does Obi eventually feel about his mother's death?
(a) He feels lonely and disappointed bu also relieved.
(b) He feels peace as his mother's memory fades.
(c) He is angry about losing Clara for nothing.
(d) He cannot recall his mother and feels only anger.

5. How does the second doctor that Clara and Obi visit differ from the first?
(a) The second doctor gives no advice but warns that abortions are illegal.
(b) The second doctor makes light of the situation and just tells them the cost.
(c) The second doctor is more understanding because he is young.
(d) The second doctor is less caring, more business like, and more interested in money.

6. Where does Obi try to get money from to pay back Clara's loan?
(a) He asks Mr. Green about a staff loan.
(b) He asks Miss Tomlinson to lend him some money.
(c) He calls Okoli about another loan.
(d) He asks Mr. Omo about a salary advance.

7. What worries does Obi have about the expectations of the people at home as he makes his journey home?
(a) They will want to give him all sorts of embarrassing gifts.
(b) They will want to interfere in his business.
(c) They will want to share in his good fortune.
(d) They will want to meet his bride-to-be.

8. How does the argument between Obi and Clara end on the night before he goes home?
(a) They kiss passionately and make up.
(b) They part without any resolution.
(c) They terminate the relationship.
(d) They end up in a physical fight.

9. How does the author make it clear that Obi's financial situation is deteriorating after Obi resists Mr. Mark's offer of a bribe?
(a) He cannot find the money he promised to send to his parents.
(b) He has fallen into debt with the UPU and owes someone at the office.
(c) He cannot find the money to pay John's fees and he owes Clara money.
(d) Obi finds it hard to live on what remains after paying the UPU and sending money to help his parents.

10. On what assumption does Mr. Green find it necessary to warn Obi about paying his car insurance?
(a) He believes Obi will do a back door deal if Mr. Green does not watch carefully.
(b) He knows Obi is careless with details.
(c) The educated rarely think about tomorrow.
(d) He believes Obi is irresponsible.

11. How does Obi respond to the assertions of Mr. Green and Miss Tomlinson about leave entitlements available to Africans?
(a) Obi says that the Europeans set the rules when no Nigerians were in the senior service.
(b) Obi says Nigerians will show the Europeans what they are capable of.
(c) Obi says they know nothing about Nigerians.
(d) Obi says it is their country so they should have the same privileges as the British.

12. How is it made clear that the matter is not over after Obi resists Mr. Mark's offer of a bribe?
(a) Mr. Mark calls the office and threatens Obi.
(b) Elsie, Mr. Mark's sister, turns up at the office later the same afternoon.
(c) Elsie, Mr. Mark's sister, visits Obi at home.
(d) Mr. Mark's father turns up at the office later the same afternoon.

13. Where do Christopher and Obi go to play tennis with Nora and Pat?
(a) The Catholic convent.
(b) The YMCA.
(c) The Civil Servants' Tennis Club.
(d) The British tennis club.

14. To which literary character does Obi compare Mr. Green?
(a) Mr. Darcy in "Pride & Prejudice."
(b) Pip in "Great Expectations."
(c) Hamlet in Shakespeare's "Hamlet."
(d) Kurtz in Conrad's "Heart of Darkness."

15. After Clara and Obi discuss the situation concerning the response of his parents to their engagement, what comments of Clara foreshadow further trouble?
(a) Clara says there is something she had wanted to tell him, but she should be able to take care of it herself.
(b) She reveals that she is pregnant but wants him to leave it to her to manage it..
(c) She says she is in trouble at work but she is working things out.
(d) She reveals that her parents are also against the marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What character traits does Christopher display in the incident when he and Obi discuss the possibility of Clara's pregnancy?

2. How does Joseph show support for Obi after his mother dies?

3. How does Christopher deal with Obi's feelings about his mother's threat of suicide?

4. How does Obi finally get caught for his involvement in bribery?

5. When Obi finally reaches Clara's house, how does he relate the outcomes of his visit home?

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