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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom does Obi borrow money to help out with Clara's abortion?
(a) From Sam Okoli.
(b) From Marie Tomlinson.
(c) From a moneylender.
(d) From Clara's sister.

2. What news from home necessitates Obi taking leave to visit his village?
(a) One of Obi's siblings has died and the family needs him.
(b) Obi's father becomes seriously ill and his mother wants him home.
(c) His father writes to say Obi's mother has been hospitalized and that he needs to discuss an urgent matter with Obi.
(d) Obi's mother dies and his father needs support.

3. What are Obi's early responses to the death of his mother?
(a) He is too overcome by all his troubles to feel anything for his mother.
(b) He believes maybe now he can marry Clara.
(c) He cries like a child and feels guilty about not keeping vigil for his mother.
(d) He is relieved although it is too late to save the situation with Clara.

4. While Obi tries to concentrate on work despite bad news from home, what comment about a Nigerian student does Mr. Green make while dictating a letter to Marie Tomlinson?
(a) Green complains about a student who expects the Government to support both him and his girlfriend.
(b) Green complains about workers borrowing money to support extravagant lifestyles.
(c) Green complains that Obi should have settled down before incurring so many debts.
(d) Green complains that all students supported by the government become greedy in their demands.

5. When Obi finally reaches Clara's house, how does he relate the outcomes of his visit home?
(a) He suggests they go back to England and marry.
(b) He tells her they have to call off the marriage but he will be with her anyway.
(c) He makes light of it, saying all will be well if they remain quiet for a while.
(d) He says they will have to wait until things settle down.

6. How is it made clear that the matter is not over after Obi resists Mr. Mark's offer of a bribe?
(a) Mr. Mark calls the office and threatens Obi.
(b) Elsie, Mr. Mark's sister, turns up at the office later the same afternoon.
(c) Elsie, Mr. Mark's sister, visits Obi at home.
(d) Mr. Mark's father turns up at the office later the same afternoon.

7. What steps does Obi try to implement at home in order to curtail his expenses?
(a) he plans to save on electricity and entertainment.
(b) He plans to save on electricity and water.
(c) He plans to save on electricity and telephone cost.
(d) He tries to save by cutting back on meat purchases and reducing use of electricity.

8. What are the contents of the letter from Obi that Clara later returns?
(a) His offer to make it all up to her and take her away from the problems.
(b) His offer to marry her no matter what.
(c) His apology and his admission that there is no hope for them.
(d) His admission that he has wronged Clara terribly and his plea for another chance.

9. To which literary character does Obi compare Mr. Green?
(a) Hamlet in Shakespeare's "Hamlet."
(b) Kurtz in Conrad's "Heart of Darkness."
(c) Mr. Darcy in "Pride & Prejudice."
(d) Pip in "Great Expectations."

10. What story does his father share when Obi announces he will leave early to return to Lagos?
(a) He tells the story of a boy who marries an outcast and never finds happiness.
(b) How he was taken by missionaries and his father put a curse on him.
(c) He tells the story of a boy who dies after hurting his family and running away.
(d) He tells the story of a woman who dies of heartbreak after her son marries an outcast.

11. What does the author reveal about a special aspect of Nigerian culture, when the two couples go out on a date?
(a) There are three ways of dancing the "High-life": European, Intimate and Ecstatic.
(b) There are three types of drinks at the bar: European, Intimate and Ecstatic.
(c) There are three sections of the club: European, Intimate and Ecstatic.
(d) There are three ways of dressing to go dancing: European, Intimate and Ecstatic.

12. What does Obi consider doing in order to meet his mounting debts after speaking with Charles Ibe?
(a) Obi considers asking Mr. Omo for a salary advance.
(b) Obi contemplates withholding payments from the UPU.
(c) Obi contemplates an overdraft of £50 at his bank.
(d) Obi considers asking Mr. Green for a loan.

13. How does Obi respond when his father broaches the subject of his relationship with Clara?
(a) Obi says he is not sure whether he should marry Clara.
(b) Obi says he is worried about the relationship.
(c) Obi says he wants to meet her people and start negotiations.
(d) Obi says he loves her and will marry her no matter what.

14. Why does Obi tell Christopher a story about a catechist twenty years before who was in such a hurry to marry that she cut her education short and was bitter?
(a) To warn Christopher about the dangers of having more than one woman.
(b) To demonstrate the troubles men encounter because of women.
(c) To prevent Christopher from causing a woman to be bitter about being prevented from completing her studies.
(d) To encourage Christopher to consider becoming a Christian.

15. What do the villagers accuse Obi of after his mother is buried?
(a) Obi is called a beast who abandons his kin for sweet things.
(b) They accuse Obi of giving up his mother for an osu woman.
(c) They accuse Obi of being ungrateful and wicked to his own.
(d) They accuse Obi of stealing from his own mother to be with an osu woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Christopher react to Obi's news that Clara might be pregnant?

2. How does Obi finally get caught for his involvement in bribery?

3. What happens to Clara after her hospitalization?

4. What brings Obi additional criticism when his mother dies?

5. According to Mr. Green, what characteristic of Nigerians would prevent the country from being able to manage independence?

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