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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Christopher deal with Obi's feelings about his mother's threat of suicide?
(a) Christopher tells a story of a woman who threatened suicide but backed away.
(b) Obi does not take it too seriously but Christopher warns that he should listen to his mother.
(c) Both are worried but Christopher makes light of it.
(d) Obi says he is only concerned about marrying Clara and Christopher calls him a fool.

2. When Obi arrives home, what descriptions does the author give of his parents' rooms?
(a) Isaac's room is filled with printed materials, while Hannah's is full of mundane things.
(b) Isaac's room has been cleared for Hannah to get more space.
(c) Both rooms are exactly as Obi remembers them from childhood.
(d) Both are in a disheveled condition.

3. How does Obi eventually feel about his mother's death?
(a) He is angry about losing Clara for nothing.
(b) He feels lonely and disappointed bu also relieved.
(c) He cannot recall his mother and feels only anger.
(d) He feels peace as his mother's memory fades.

4. What are the contents of the letter from Obi that Clara later returns?
(a) His offer to marry her no matter what.
(b) His admission that he has wronged Clara terribly and his plea for another chance.
(c) His apology and his admission that there is no hope for them.
(d) His offer to make it all up to her and take her away from the problems.

5. What is Clara's response when she hears of Elsie's role in trying to secure a scholarship?
(a) Clara warns Obi about getting himself into trouble.
(b) Clara is angry that Obi allowed Miss Mark to come in.
(c) Clara believes offering money is better than offering one's body and laughs.
(d) Clara is angry that Miss Mark came to Obi's house.

6. How does Obi's distraction about the situation with his family affect his journey back to Lagos?
(a) He decides to drive carefully so he can plan what to do.
(b) He drives recklessly because of his anger.
(c) He drives quickly because he is anxious to get back to Clara.
(d) He drives in a daze and almost has a head-on collision.

7. What does the incident with Clara's abortion reveal about this aspect of life in Lagos?
(a) Abortions are safe but expensive.
(b) Everyone looks down on a girl who has an abortion.
(c) Abortions are inexpensive but dangerous.
(d) Abortions are illegal and expensive.

8. What is Obi's first impression of Marie Tomlinson, his co-worker at the office?
(a) That she is carrying tales to Mr. Omo.
(b) That she is having an affair with a black clerk.
(c) That she is a spy.
(d) That she is having an affair with the boss.

9. What is Christopher's view about bribery?
(a) He says only acceptance of money constitutes bribery.
(b) He says white members of the committee would have accepted Miss Mark's offer.
(c) He says everybody is influenced by something.
(d) He says taking willing Elsie to bed after her interview does not qualify as bribery.

10. What happens to Clara after her hospitalization?
(a) She resigns her job and goes back to England.
(b) She resigns her job and goes to the Cameroons.
(c) She takes seventy days leave and disappears.
(d) She abandons her job and disappears to her village.

11. How does the author use the conversation between Obi and Marie Tomlinson to broaden the portrayal of Mr. Green's character?
(a) He writes that Tomlinson considers him a hypocrite and Obi believes that Green hates Africa.
(b) He writes that Miss Tomlinson finds a devout Christian and Obi believes Green has admirable qualities.
(c) He writes that Obi considers Green an oppressor and Miss Tomlinson admires Green's discipline.
(d) He writes that both Miss Tomlinson and Obi find Mr. Green a good advisor.

12. What are Obi's early responses to the death of his mother?
(a) He is too overcome by all his troubles to feel anything for his mother.
(b) He cries like a child and feels guilty about not keeping vigil for his mother.
(c) He believes maybe now he can marry Clara.
(d) He is relieved although it is too late to save the situation with Clara.

13. After Clara and Obi discuss the situation concerning the response of his parents to their engagement, what comments of Clara foreshadow further trouble?
(a) She reveals that her parents are also against the marriage.
(b) Clara says there is something she had wanted to tell him, but she should be able to take care of it herself.
(c) She reveals that she is pregnant but wants him to leave it to her to manage it..
(d) She says she is in trouble at work but she is working things out.

14. What does Obi decide to do when he learns that he might have to pay back money from his travel allowance?
(a) He decides to pay Mr. Omo to keep quiet.
(b) He decides to say he went to the Cameroons.
(c) He decides to say he lost his receipts.
(d) He decides to say he was travelling on office business.

15. For what kind of leave does Obi apply when he has to go home to deal with the news he receives?
(a) Personal leave.
(b) Departmental leave.
(c) Special leave.
(d) Local leave.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Obi feel after he resists the temptation to accept Mr. Mark's bribe?

2. What does the author reveal about a special aspect of Nigerian culture, when the two couples go out on a date?

3. To which literary character does Obi compare Mr. Green?

4. Where does Obi try to get money from to pay back Clara's loan?

5. What is Obi's initial response when his father forbids him to marry Clara?

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