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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning does Obi's new boss give him when the two are introduced?
(a) That he should avoid the temptation of thinking he has arrived.
(b) That he hopes there will not be a quick descent into taking bribes.
(c) That he hopes he learned something in England.
(d) That he should not be "bone-lazy" but use his "loaf."

2. From which university has Christopher received his degree?
(a) University of Cambridge.
(b) University of Oxford.
(c) London School of Economics.
(d) University of London.

3. Why do Christopher and Obi eat with their fingers while at Obi's house?
(a) They do not care what they do at home even though elsewhere they observe customs.
(b) The houseboy insists that this is the way to eat the food he cooks.
(c) They find it tastes better and throw off the pretense that it is uncivilized.
(d) It makes them feel they are really back home.

4. Why does the Umuofia Progressive Union meet again to discuss Obi's case on the morning of the trial?
(a) Obi is a prominent member of the UPU.
(b) Obi is indebted to the UPU because of their funding of his education.
(c) Obi owes the UPU a lot of money for loans taken while he is studying.
(d) The UPU is co-defendant in the case.

5. According to the author's comments, why are some people's faces sullen as they wait to greet travelers returning?
(a) A returning daughter has married a white man.
(b) A returning son has divorced his wife.
(c) A returning son has not completed his studies.
(d) A returning son has married a white woman.

6. What expensive gadget owned by Okoli does Obi admire?
(a) A telephone that displays incoming calls.
(b) A television that records programs.
(c) A gramophone that changes records automatically.
(d) A radiogram that tapes and plays back conversations.

7. Which two people arrive as Obi and Joseph sit in the lounge at the restaurant in Chapter 4?
(a) Sam and Christopher.
(b) Sara's best friend arrives with Sam Okoli.
(c) Sam Okoli and Marie Atkinson.
(d) Sara arrives with Sam Okoli.

8. Who is Obi's new boss?
(a) Mr. Omo.
(b) Mr. Okoli.
(c) Mr. Green.
(d) Mr. Umuofia.

9. What references are made to suggest that the UPU leaders are very aware of the prevalence of bribery in government circles?
(a) They suggest that Obi should lose no time in making the right connections.
(b) They talk openly about the importance of Obi making the rounds at the permanent secretaries' offices.
(c) The Chairman and Vice-President debate whether someone who knows book like Obi needs to "see" men.
(d) They state that someone with Obi's qualifications should be able to sidestep the bribery route.

10. What makes Obi go to a slum in Lagos when he returns from England?
(a) His girlfriend, Clara, has a dressmaker there.
(b) To see his uncle Okolo.
(c) To visit his friend Christopher.
(d) For a job interview.

11. What bothers Obi when he sees his parents when he goes home?
(a) Their frail health and their poverty.
(b) Their poverty and disappointment in him.
(c) Their poverty and age.
(d) Their illness and age.

12. Where does Obi first articulate his theory about corruption in Nigeria?
(a) In a letter he wrote to the editor of a local newspaper.
(b) In a paper presented to the UPU.
(c) In a paper he read to the Nigerian Students' Union in London.
(d) In a paper written while he was in high school.

13. What old nickname of Obi's is revealed while Obi and Joseph are recalling old times?
(a) Wordpower.
(b) Still Waters.
(c) Dictionary.
(d) Word Warrior.

14. Although Clara is businesslike when she visits Obi's cabin, what gives him hope that she is interested?
(a) She says he is handsome.
(b) She says in Ibo that they belong together.
(c) She tells him she likes him a little.
(d) She says she is not seeing anyone.

15. What does Obi find amazing about Clara's taste in films?
(a) How she delights in on-screen killing.
(b) How she cries at sad movies but loves to see them.
(c) How she gets caught up in every lover's quarrel.
(d) How she hates British movies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What immediate financial benefits does Obi receive when he receives his letter of appointment?

2. How long does Obi stay in England?

3. What descriptive passage communicates the setting and culture in the Onitsha market?

4. How does Obi know Joseph Okeke whom he visits in Lagos before leaving for England?

5. Where in Lagos does Joseph live?

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