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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does one leader respond when Obi asks the UPU leaders to give him a four-month grace period before he has to start paying off his loan?
(a) The President warns that Obi should not do anything to bring the UPU into disrepute.
(b) The President warns that other returning scholars have found themselves in trouble.
(c) The President warns that bright young people need to learn to manage their financial affairs.
(d) The President warns that Lagos' sweetness causes the downfall of many young people.

2. What surprises Obi and Joseph about the restaurant?
(a) It does not sell any African food.
(b) It is completely European in style and food.
(c) It is almost empty on a Saturday evening.
(d) It is owned by an old Englishwoman.

3. What comment do the elders make about Christianity when Isaac refuses to placate the rainmaker to prevent the rain threatening Obi's homecoming?
(a) There is no point to Christianity if members like Isaac do not use it to suit others.
(b) Christianity makes hypocrites of adherents like Isaac.
(c) Christianity is all about convenience and man's effort to manipulate others.
(d) Christianity is like palm-wine; it goes to some people's heads, destroying their sense.

4. What is "God's Case no Appeal" that Obi comes across on the way home to await his interview results?
(a) A boat anchored at the Lagos dock.
(b) A demonstration against a court case in Lagos.
(c) A mini bus going to a village.
(d) The Mammy wagon in which he rides first class.

5. What reminds Obi of his first day at school when he shows up at work on his first day in the civil service?
(a) How Mr. Jones, the feared Inspector of Schools, reamed out Headmaster Simeon Nduka in English.
(b) How his headmaster Mr. Nduka reamed out Mr. Jones in front of the class.
(c) How the headmaster Mr. Jones insulted Mr. Nduka.
(d) How Mr. Nduka, the headmaster, reamed out the senior students in the hall.

6. How does Obi know Joseph Okeke whom he visits in Lagos before leaving for England?
(a) He is Obi's former classmate.
(b) From Umuofia University.
(c) From the Lagos slum where they went to school together.
(d) He is Clara's brother.

7. What shocks Joseph about Obi while they are at the restaurant?
(a) He eats with his fingers.
(b) He does not eat any meat.
(c) He demands traditional Nigerian food.
(d) He drinks a lot of wine.

8. What does Obi find amazing about Clara's taste in films?
(a) How she hates British movies.
(b) How she delights in on-screen killing.
(c) How she gets caught up in every lover's quarrel.
(d) How she cries at sad movies but loves to see them.

9. What new post has Clara been offered while Obi has been dealing with his new job?
(a) Assistant Nursing Sister.
(b) Nursing Sister.
(c) Assistant Matron.
(d) Matron.

10. How does Joseph respond upon hearing that Obi has purchased a ring for Clara?
(a) He asks Obi to consider future generations and those who paid for his education
(b) He asks him to consider the poor people who paid for his education.
(c) He asks him to consider his poor parents who are going to be disappointed.
(d) He asks him to consider the effect on the future of both Clara and himself.

11. Why is Obi's description of the streets and market in the Lagos slum ironic?
(a) It is a far cry from the sweet Nigeria about which he writes a nostalgic poem in England.
(b) It has not changed in all the years Obi has been away.
(c) It is the same life to which Obi must return after being educated.
(d) It is nothing like his life in England.

12. What is special about Obi's arrival in Onitsha, a few miles from his village?
(a) Obi's visit causes a few stares but most people go about their normal business.
(b) Village elders send a pleasure car to meet him on this special occasion.
(c) Everyone stays home from school and work to meet Obi.
(d) His father hires a bus to take all the relatives to meet him.

13. When Obi and Clara go out for drinks with Minister of State, Okoli, what does the Minister drink?
(a) Martinis.
(b) Whiskey and soda.
(c) Gin and tonic.
(d) Rum and Coke.

14. For which island is the boat heading when Jones recites, "Water, water everywhere; but not a drop to drink"?
(a) Madeira.
(b) Cameroon.
(c) Accra.
(d) Lagos.

15. Why does Obi hope to receive support from his mother for his plan to marry Clara?
(a) They have a special bond because she was the one who told him old African stories.
(b) They have a special bond since she cut her hand on a razor in his pocket.
(c) They have a special bond because he is her only son.
(d) They have a special bond because he is the last child.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Obi goes for his job interview with the Public Services Commission?

2. Why do Christopher and Obi eat with their fingers while at Obi's house?

3. What offensive question does the commissioner who has been sleeping in the interview ask Obi when he wakes up?

4. How does Obi react when the commissioner asks him the offensive question?

5. What complaint does Obi make to Joseph about treatment he receives from the police when he goes out driving with Clara?

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