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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Clara imply that Obi should not complain when he complains about seeing "good movies?"
(a) She does not complain about listening to Obi read poetry or about them going to lunch with Christopher whom she dislikes.
(b) She does not complain when he drags her to see war movies.
(c) She does not complain when he drags her off to tennis which she hates.
(d) She does not complain when he demands traditional African food which she does not care for.

2. What are the villagers particularly happy about?
(a) That Obi will live where those who get "European jobs" live.
(b) That Obi has not brought home a white wife.
(c) That Obi is about to get a good job.
(d) That Obi has not forgotten his roots.

3. What is the name of Obi's houseboy?
(a) Zaccharia.
(b) Zaccheus.
(c) Zimonias.
(d) Zebedee.

4. How does Joseph respond when Obi tells him of Clara's refusal to marry him because she is osu?
(a) He agrees with Obi.
(b) He agrees with Clara.
(c) He refuses to comment because he has already wrecked a friendship by giving marital advice.
(d) He suggests that Obi visit Clara's parents.

5. For which island is the boat heading when Jones recites, "Water, water everywhere; but not a drop to drink"?
(a) Cameroon.
(b) Madeira.
(c) Accra.
(d) Lagos.

6. What moves Obi even though he has little religion left while on the boat looking out to sea?
(a) He recalls, "And into sea He stepped with is disciples."
(b) He recalls, "They that go down to the sea in ships."
(c) He recalls, "I must go down to the sea again."
(d) He recalls, "I see my God in the sea and the sky."

7. What comment do the elders make about Christianity when Isaac refuses to placate the rainmaker to prevent the rain threatening Obi's homecoming?
(a) Christianity is all about convenience and man's effort to manipulate others.
(b) There is no point to Christianity if members like Isaac do not use it to suit others.
(c) Christianity is like palm-wine; it goes to some people's heads, destroying their sense.
(d) Christianity makes hypocrites of adherents like Isaac.

8. What is Obi told about the many dead dogs in the street when he visits the slum in Lagos?
(a) They are part of the "Old Nigeria" that Obi has forgotten.
(b) It is good luck to kill a dog with one's new car but bad luck to kill a duck.
(c) There is no government agency to move them.
(d) They are injured by bad drivers who do not pick them up.

9. What helps to cement a friendship between MacMillan and Obi?
(a) Both laugh about slipping on deck.
(b) They reminisce about times in England.
(c) They talk about Obi's attraction to Clara.
(d) They reminisce about old days in Lagos.

10. What immediate financial benefits does Obi receive when he receives his letter of appointment?
(a) A car advance and a £60 outfit allowance.
(b) A £50 study grant and a car allowance.
(c) A £50 car allowance and a uniform.
(d) A £50 lunch allowance and a uniform.

11. Which veteran civil servant is assigned to teach Obi about office administration?
(a) Mr. Omo.
(b) Mr. Okoli.
(c) Mr. Umuofia.
(d) Mr. Green.

12. What does the encounter with bribery on the way home cause Obi to think about the situation?
(a) Obi concludes that bribery is an Augean stable that only foreigners can cean up.
(b) Obi concludes that bribery is an Augean stable that requires educated people to clean it up.
(c) Obi concludes Lagos is an Augean stable and vows to clean it up.
(d) Obi wonders where to begin cleaning the Augean stable and thinks a dictator is necessary.

13. What is special about Obi's arrival in Onitsha, a few miles from his village?
(a) Village elders send a pleasure car to meet him on this special occasion.
(b) His father hires a bus to take all the relatives to meet him.
(c) Everyone stays home from school and work to meet Obi.
(d) Obi's visit causes a few stares but most people go about their normal business.

14. What is Christopher's usual response to Obi's comments about the civil service?
(a) He opposes everything Obi says about the civil service.
(b) He echoes all of Obi's views.
(c) He always finds an excuse for what Obi describes in the civil service.
(d) He ignores most of what Obi says.

15. What surprises Obi and Joseph about the restaurant?
(a) It is completely European in style and food.
(b) It is owned by an old Englishwoman.
(c) It is almost empty on a Saturday evening.
(d) It does not sell any African food.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the veteran civil servant characterized when Obi first meets him and the boss comes in demanding a specific file?

2. What early indication does Obi see how "Dear old Nigeria really works" as the boat docks in Lagos?

3. Where do Obi and Clara meet again eighteen months after their first meeting?

4. What happens when Clara and Obi return and MacMillan leaves them after going ashore to Funchal?

5. What is Obi's response when he and Clara go walking and she suddenly announces they cannot marry?

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