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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What offensive question does the commissioner who has been sleeping in the interview ask Obi when he wakes up?
(a) How long he willl survive the system.
(b) Whether he has brought home a white wife.
(c) Whether he intends to take bribes.
(d) Whether he can rise above the laziness of his people.

2. What happens when Clara and Obi return and MacMillan leaves them after going ashore to Funchal?
(a) They deide to leave things as they are and "see what happens" in Lagos.
(b) They make plans to continue their relationship.
(c) Obi declares his love and kisses Clara, who responds with a violent kiss.
(d) They decide not to see each other again because Clara is betrothed.

3. How does Obi respond to the two men he meets on his first day at work?
(a) He instantly likes Mr. Green and ridicules Mr. Omo.
(b) He ignores Mr. Green and shows respect for Mr. Omo.
(c) He instantly likes Mr. Omo and dislikes Mr. Green.
(d) He dislikes Mr. Green and views Mr. Omo as one of the old Africans.

4. What surprises Obi and Joseph about the restaurant?
(a) It does not sell any African food.
(b) It is completely European in style and food.
(c) It is owned by an old Englishwoman.
(d) It is almost empty on a Saturday evening.

5. After his discussion with Clara and then with Joseph, how does Obi express his defiance of opposition to his marrying Clara?
(a) He obtains a marriage license and ring immediately.
(b) He drives her to Kingsway to buy an engagement ring and a Bible.
(c) He tells his parents he will marry Clara no matter what and buys her a ring.
(d) He asks Clara's father for her hand in marriage and gives her a ring.

6. What complaint does Obi make to Joseph about treatment he receives from the police when he goes out driving with Clara?
(a) He leers at Clara while they are walking on Victoria Beach Road.
(b) He hassles them on Victoria Beach Road, questioning the source of Obi's car.
(c) He hassles them when they park on Victoria Beach Road thinking Clara is the wife of someone else. someone's else's wife.
(d) He hassles them on Victoria Beach Road questioning how Obi can afford a driver.

7. With whom does Obi have breakfast on the first morning on the boat?
(a) Mr. MacMillan, Stephen Udom, Mr. Jones and Clara.
(b) Mr. Jones and Mrs. Wright.
(c) Mr. MacMillan and Clara.
(d) Mr. MacMillan and Mrs. Wright.

8. Why does Obi insist on moving in to stay with Joseph?
(a) To save money from paying a hotel bill.
(b) To avoid traveling the long distance to Umuofia.
(c) To avoid sleeping in a bad hotel paid for by the UPU.
(d) To avoid sleeping at his relative's house in the slum.

9. What is Obi told about the many dead dogs in the street when he visits the slum in Lagos?
(a) There is no government agency to move them.
(b) It is good luck to kill a dog with one's new car but bad luck to kill a duck.
(c) They are part of the "Old Nigeria" that Obi has forgotten.
(d) They are injured by bad drivers who do not pick them up.

10. What happens when Obi goes for his job interview with the Public Services Commission?
(a) Obi is bored and disinterested.
(b) Obi ridicules a panelist who falls asleep.
(c) Obi talks about modern poetry and novels.
(d) Obi impresses the panel and they offer him a job imediately.

11. What old nickname of Obi's is revealed while Obi and Joseph are recalling old times?
(a) Word Warrior.
(b) Dictionary.
(c) Still Waters.
(d) Wordpower.

12. How does Obi know Joseph Okeke whom he visits in Lagos before leaving for England?
(a) From the Lagos slum where they went to school together.
(b) He is Obi's former classmate.
(c) He is Clara's brother.
(d) From Umuofia University.

13. How does Obi react to a song that the traders are singing while continuing his journey home on the wagon?
(a) He is amused that it contains erotic Ibo words.
(b) He is embarrassed at the erotic words.
(c) He wants to drown the noise out so he can concentrate on his thoughts.
(d) He considers its meaning and is delighted when he finds out.

14. Where does Obi first articulate his theory about corruption in Nigeria?
(a) In a letter he wrote to the editor of a local newspaper.
(b) In a paper written while he was in high school.
(c) In a paper presented to the UPU.
(d) In a paper he read to the Nigerian Students' Union in London.

15. What references are made to suggest that the UPU leaders are very aware of the prevalence of bribery in government circles?
(a) They talk openly about the importance of Obi making the rounds at the permanent secretaries' offices.
(b) They state that someone with Obi's qualifications should be able to sidestep the bribery route.
(c) They suggest that Obi should lose no time in making the right connections.
(d) The Chairman and Vice-President debate whether someone who knows book like Obi needs to "see" men.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Obi to storm out of the December UPU meeting in anger, intending not to return?

2. How does Joseph respond when Obi tells him of Clara's refusal to marry him because she is osu?

3. What warning does Obi's new boss give him when the two are introduced?

4. What reminds Obi of England during his reception for which hundreds turn out?

5. What is "God's Case no Appeal" that Obi comes across on the way home to await his interview results?

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