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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Obi go to a slum in Lagos when he returns from England?
(a) To visit his friend Christopher.
(b) For a job interview.
(c) His girlfriend, Clara, has a dressmaker there.
(d) To see his uncle Okolo.

2. What two big mistakes does Obi make at the big reception that the UPU holds for Obi on Saturday?
(a) He dresses well but his speech is long and boring.
(b) He overdresses and talks too much.
(c) He dresses casually and is heard speaking Ibo.
(d) He dresses casually and makes too simple a speech.

3. How does Joseph react to Obi telling him about the incident at the interview that causes Obi to accuse him of having a colonial mentality?
(a) Joseph advises Obi to aologize to the interviewing panel.
(b) Joseph advises Obi to get a job before arguing with commissioners.
(c) Joseph says Obi will pay for his disrespect to the interviewers.
(d) Joseph says that people needing jobs cannot afford to anger employers.

4. What is Obi's full name?
(a) Obiolo St. Christopher.
(b) Obiokola.
(c) Obiajulu.
(d) Obilo Isaac.

5. How does Joseph interpret Obi's insistence on ignoring tradition and marrying Clara?
(a) Obi's upbringing and education have made him a stranger in Nigeria.
(b) His years in England have made him resentful of African customs.
(c) He believes his education can excuse his disregard for tradition.
(d) His education cannot prevent him from being a fool in matters of the heart.

6. According to the author's comments, why are some people's faces sullen as they wait to greet travelers returning?
(a) A returning son has not completed his studies.
(b) A returning son has divorced his wife.
(c) A returning daughter has married a white man.
(d) A returning son has married a white woman.

7. Where does Obi take Clara to celebrate his new car?
(a) They go to Okala for a special dinner.
(b) They go to the beach.
(c) They go dancing at Okoro.
(d) They go to Ikeja for a special dinner.

8. When Obi and Clara go out for drinks with Minister of State, Okoli, what does the Minister drink?
(a) Martinis.
(b) Whiskey and soda.
(c) Gin and tonic.
(d) Rum and Coke.

9. What is special about Obi's arrival in Onitsha, a few miles from his village?
(a) Obi's visit causes a few stares but most people go about their normal business.
(b) His father hires a bus to take all the relatives to meet him.
(c) Everyone stays home from school and work to meet Obi.
(d) Village elders send a pleasure car to meet him on this special occasion.

10. What new post has Clara been offered while Obi has been dealing with his new job?
(a) Matron.
(b) Assistant Matron.
(c) Assistant Nursing Sister.
(d) Nursing Sister.

11. By using the expression "Augean stable", what literary device is the author using?
(a) Mythological allusion.
(b) Folklore allusion.
(c) Historical allusion.
(d) Biblical allusion.

12. Where do Obi and Clara meet again eighteen months after their first meeting?
(a) On the MV Nigeria.
(b) On the SS Liverpool.
(c) On the SS Lagos.
(d) On the MV Vasa.

13. What are the villagers particularly happy about?
(a) That Obi has not forgotten his roots.
(b) That Obi will live where those who get "European jobs" live.
(c) That Obi has not brought home a white wife.
(d) That Obi is about to get a good job.

14. What new evidence does Obi see about the pervasiveness of bribery in Nigeria on the way home on the wagon?
(a) The lorry driver bribes the police when they stop him for driving without a license.
(b) The lorry driver bribes the police when they stop the vehicle for speeding.
(c) After being stopped by the police, a lorry driver drives until his mate runs back and pays more than it would have cost.
(d) The lorry driver bribes the police when they stop the driver for over-crowding.

15. What offensive question does the commissioner who has been sleeping in the interview ask Obi when he wakes up?
(a) Whether he intends to take bribes.
(b) Whether he has brought home a white wife.
(c) How long he willl survive the system.
(d) Whether he can rise above the laziness of his people.

Short Answer Questions

1. What immediate financial benefits does Obi receive when he receives his letter of appointment?

2. Which veteran civil servant is assigned to teach Obi about office administration?

3. What happens when Obi goes for his job interview with the Public Services Commission?

4. Where does Joseph Okeke take Obi after the reception?

5. How does Joseph respond when Obi tells him of Clara's refusal to marry him because she is osu?

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