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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the celebration continues, how does the author use an argument about kola nuts to reveal the clash between Christian beliefs and folklore?
(a) Isaac declares that although kola nuts are eaten in his Christian house, they are not sacrificed to idols.
(b) Isaac refuses to partake in the breaking of Kola nuts on Ibo's head.
(c) Ibo refuses to partake in the superstitious practices involving kola nuts.
(d) Isaac objects when the elders want to sprinkle kola nut oil in the house.

2. Where does Joseph Okeke take Obi after the reception?
(a) The Sand Castle restaurant.
(b) The Palm Grove restaurant.
(c) The Port Royal restaurant.
(d) The Tennis Club restaurant.

3. While Obi is home enjoying his interaction with his kinsmen, what thoughts does he have that indicate that he harbors resentment against the British?
(a) He compares the lively village culture with the staid, boring ways of the English.
(b) He wishes the English could see the Nigerian culture and appreciate the customs.
(c) He tells the villagers he has deliberately resisted learning English ways while he studied in England.
(d) He wishes the English could hear people engaged in Ibo conversation, enjoying life.

4. What two big mistakes does Obi make at the big reception that the UPU holds for Obi on Saturday?
(a) He dresses well but his speech is long and boring.
(b) He dresses casually and is heard speaking Ibo.
(c) He overdresses and talks too much.
(d) He dresses casually and makes too simple a speech.

5. Why does the UPU want Obi to study law in England?
(a) To groom him for future political leadership.
(b) To help them with land cases.
(c) To help them to defend those charged with bribery.
(d) To help members with inheritance cases.

6. Why does Clara imply that Obi should not complain when he complains about seeing "good movies?"
(a) She does not complain when he drags her to see war movies.
(b) She does not complain when he drags her off to tennis which she hates.
(c) She does not complain when he demands traditional African food which she does not care for.
(d) She does not complain about listening to Obi read poetry or about them going to lunch with Christopher whom she dislikes.

7. By using the expression "Augean stable", what literary device is the author using?
(a) Biblical allusion.
(b) Historical allusion.
(c) Folklore allusion.
(d) Mythological allusion.

8. Which veteran civil servant is assigned to teach Obi about office administration?
(a) Mr. Omo.
(b) Mr. Okoli.
(c) Mr. Green.
(d) Mr. Umuofia.

9. From which university has Christopher received his degree?
(a) University of Cambridge.
(b) University of London.
(c) London School of Economics.
(d) University of Oxford.

10. How does Joseph react to Obi telling him about the incident at the interview that causes Obi to accuse him of having a colonial mentality?
(a) Joseph advises Obi to aologize to the interviewing panel.
(b) Joseph advises Obi to get a job before arguing with commissioners.
(c) Joseph says that people needing jobs cannot afford to anger employers.
(d) Joseph says Obi will pay for his disrespect to the interviewers.

11. Why do Christopher and Obi eat with their fingers while at Obi's house?
(a) They do not care what they do at home even though elsewhere they observe customs.
(b) They find it tastes better and throw off the pretense that it is uncivilized.
(c) It makes them feel they are really back home.
(d) The houseboy insists that this is the way to eat the food he cooks.

12. Where do Obi and Clara meet again eighteen months after their first meeting?
(a) On the SS Lagos.
(b) On the MV Vasa.
(c) On the SS Liverpool.
(d) On the MV Nigeria.

13. How does Obi respond to the two men he meets on his first day at work?
(a) He ignores Mr. Green and shows respect for Mr. Omo.
(b) He dislikes Mr. Green and views Mr. Omo as one of the old Africans.
(c) He instantly likes Mr. Green and ridicules Mr. Omo.
(d) He instantly likes Mr. Omo and dislikes Mr. Green.

14. What does the encounter with bribery on the way home cause Obi to think about the situation?
(a) Obi concludes Lagos is an Augean stable and vows to clean it up.
(b) Obi concludes that bribery is an Augean stable that only foreigners can cean up.
(c) Obi concludes that bribery is an Augean stable that requires educated people to clean it up.
(d) Obi wonders where to begin cleaning the Augean stable and thinks a dictator is necessary.

15. How does Obi react to a song that the traders are singing while continuing his journey home on the wagon?
(a) He is embarrassed at the erotic words.
(b) He wants to drown the noise out so he can concentrate on his thoughts.
(c) He considers its meaning and is delighted when he finds out.
(d) He is amused that it contains erotic Ibo words.

Short Answer Questions

1. What old nickname of Obi's is revealed while Obi and Joseph are recalling old times?

2. What expensive gadget owned by Okoli does Obi admire?

3. How does Joseph respond upon hearing that Obi has purchased a ring for Clara?

4. What makes Obi go to a slum in Lagos when he returns from England?

5. Where does Obi take Clara to celebrate his new car?

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