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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Obi and Clara meet again eighteen months after their first meeting?
(a) On the SS Lagos.
(b) On the SS Liverpool.
(c) On the MV Nigeria.
(d) On the MV Vasa.

2. What warning does Obi's new boss give him when the two are introduced?
(a) That he hopes he learned something in England.
(b) That he should avoid the temptation of thinking he has arrived.
(c) That he should not be "bone-lazy" but use his "loaf."
(d) That he hopes there will not be a quick descent into taking bribes.

3. How does Obi know Joseph Okeke whom he visits in Lagos before leaving for England?
(a) He is Obi's former classmate.
(b) He is Clara's brother.
(c) From the Lagos slum where they went to school together.
(d) From Umuofia University.

4. How does Obi react when the commissioner asks him the offensive question?
(a) He calmly explains why he would never accept bribes.
(b) He insults the comissioner and leaves.
(c) He bristles and considers the question useless.
(d) He remains silent until another question is asked.

5. According to the author's comments, why are some people's faces sullen as they wait to greet travelers returning?
(a) A returning son has divorced his wife.
(b) A returning son has married a white woman.
(c) A returning daughter has married a white man.
(d) A returning son has not completed his studies.

6. How does Joseph interpret Obi's insistence on ignoring tradition and marrying Clara?
(a) His years in England have made him resentful of African customs.
(b) He believes his education can excuse his disregard for tradition.
(c) His education cannot prevent him from being a fool in matters of the heart.
(d) Obi's upbringing and education have made him a stranger in Nigeria.

7. How long does Obi stay in England?
(a) A little under seven years.
(b) A little under six years.
(c) A little under three years.
(d) A little under four years.

8. Why is the courtroom packed with spectators at Obi Okonkwo's trial?
(a) Because he has such a prominent position in the civil service.
(b) Because he is a member of prominent political party.
(c) Because of Obi's prominence as a young scholar educated at the expense of many poor Africans.
(d) Because he has taken so many bribes.

9. Where in Lagos does Joseph live?
(a) Lagos Motor Park in the Obalende.
(b) Umuofia Park.
(c) Ikoyi.
(d) The Motor Park in Umuofia.

10. How does Joseph respond upon hearing that Obi has purchased a ring for Clara?
(a) He asks him to consider the effect on the future of both Clara and himself.
(b) He asks Obi to consider future generations and those who paid for his education
(c) He asks him to consider his poor parents who are going to be disappointed.
(d) He asks him to consider the poor people who paid for his education.

11. How does Obi view the luxurious residential area originally meant for Europeans but later occupied by the trickle of Africans who get European posts?
(a) He thinks it is necessary to live there to show that he has accomplished something.
(b) He wants Clara to be happy when they marry and go there to live.
(c) It makes Obi think of the twin kernels in palm-nuts: one shiny, black, and alive, and the other powdery, white, and dead.
(d) He thinks it will be good to live there when he gets his "European post."

12. Where has Clara been living since returning to Nigeria?
(a) At Omuefia.
(b) At Osu.
(c) At Yaba with her sister.
(d) At Yaba with her mother.

13. What is Nigeria's real problem according to Obi in his remarks to Christopher?
(a) Too many uneducated people.
(b) Letting old men rise to the top by bribery and then expecting to be paid off for everything.
(c) Poor leadership.
(d) A shortage of bright young black men to run things.

14. What complaint does Obi make to Joseph about treatment he receives from the police when he goes out driving with Clara?
(a) He hassles them on Victoria Beach Road questioning how Obi can afford a driver.
(b) He hassles them on Victoria Beach Road, questioning the source of Obi's car.
(c) He leers at Clara while they are walking on Victoria Beach Road.
(d) He hassles them when they park on Victoria Beach Road thinking Clara is the wife of someone else. someone's else's wife.

15. How does Obi react to a song that the traders are singing while continuing his journey home on the wagon?
(a) He wants to drown the noise out so he can concentrate on his thoughts.
(b) He is embarrassed at the erotic words.
(c) He considers its meaning and is delighted when he finds out.
(d) He is amused that it contains erotic Ibo words.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises Obi and Joseph about the restaurant?

2. What two big mistakes does Obi make at the big reception that the UPU holds for Obi on Saturday?

3. What is Obi told about the many dead dogs in the street when he visits the slum in Lagos?

4. What is Christopher's usual response to Obi's comments about the civil service?

5. Where does Obi take Clara to celebrate his new car?

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