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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the UPU want Obi to study law in England?
(a) To help them with land cases.
(b) To help members with inheritance cases.
(c) To help them to defend those charged with bribery.
(d) To groom him for future political leadership.

2. What does Obi do while awaiting the results of his interview?
(a) He goes to Clara's village for a short visit with her parents.
(b) He goes to the Cameroon village for a short visit.
(c) He goes back to Obiajulu for a short visit.
(d) He goes home to Umuofia for a short visit.

3. What reminds Obi of England during his reception for which hundreds turn out?
(a) He recalls how in England every occasion warranted drinking tea.
(b) He recalls with shame, singing God Save the Queen in England.
(c) A song reminds him of Empire Day when Protestants and Catholic compete.
(d) He recalls playing boring cricket while in England.

4. Why does Obi insist on moving in to stay with Joseph?
(a) To avoid traveling the long distance to Umuofia.
(b) To avoid sleeping at his relative's house in the slum.
(c) To save money from paying a hotel bill.
(d) To avoid sleeping in a bad hotel paid for by the UPU.

5. While Obi is home enjoying his interaction with his kinsmen, what thoughts does he have that indicate that he harbors resentment against the British?
(a) He compares the lively village culture with the staid, boring ways of the English.
(b) He wishes the English could see the Nigerian culture and appreciate the customs.
(c) He wishes the English could hear people engaged in Ibo conversation, enjoying life.
(d) He tells the villagers he has deliberately resisted learning English ways while he studied in England.

6. What is Nigeria's real problem according to Obi in his remarks to Christopher?
(a) Poor leadership.
(b) Too many uneducated people.
(c) A shortage of bright young black men to run things.
(d) Letting old men rise to the top by bribery and then expecting to be paid off for everything.

7. What is the name of Obi's houseboy?
(a) Zebedee.
(b) Zimonias.
(c) Zaccheus.
(d) Zaccharia.

8. What descriptive passage communicates the setting and culture in the Onitsha market?
(a) There is a dancing beggar and men who sell "Long Life Mixture."
(b) Children are dancing and playing drums while women sell garri.
(c) To the sound of blaring local music, men are selling a concoction, women sell garri, and give to a dancing beggar.
(d) Drunken men swagger in the street while women flirt and dance.

9. For which island is the boat heading when Jones recites, "Water, water everywhere; but not a drop to drink"?
(a) Madeira.
(b) Accra.
(c) Cameroon.
(d) Lagos.

10. What comment do the elders make about Christianity when Isaac refuses to placate the rainmaker to prevent the rain threatening Obi's homecoming?
(a) Christianity is all about convenience and man's effort to manipulate others.
(b) There is no point to Christianity if members like Isaac do not use it to suit others.
(c) Christianity makes hypocrites of adherents like Isaac.
(d) Christianity is like palm-wine; it goes to some people's heads, destroying their sense.

11. What new expense does Obi assume when he gets his new car that suggests another symbol of his status?
(a) Obi has a valet whom he pays £10 a month.
(b) Obi has a houseboy whom he pays £4 a month.
(c) Obi has a driver, whom he hires for £4 a month.
(d) Obi has a driver whom he hires for £10 a month.

12. Which two people arrive as Obi and Joseph sit in the lounge at the restaurant in Chapter 4?
(a) Sara's best friend arrives with Sam Okoli.
(b) Sam and Christopher.
(c) Sara arrives with Sam Okoli.
(d) Sam Okoli and Marie Atkinson.

13. What is the stance of the organization's leaders toward his involvement in bribery in the UPU's discussions about Obi's case?
(a) They believe that Obi's lack of experience cause him to take the money personally rather than through his houseboy.
(b) They are ashamed that their member could have brought such disgrace upon them.
(c) They are embarrassed by the discovery that they are a party to his involvement.
(d) They see nothing wrong with bribery.

14. What two big mistakes does Obi make at the big reception that the UPU holds for Obi on Saturday?
(a) He dresses casually and is heard speaking Ibo.
(b) He dresses casually and makes too simple a speech.
(c) He overdresses and talks too much.
(d) He dresses well but his speech is long and boring.

15. How does Joseph respond when Obi tells him of Clara's refusal to marry him because she is osu?
(a) He refuses to comment because he has already wrecked a friendship by giving marital advice.
(b) He agrees with Obi.
(c) He suggests that Obi visit Clara's parents.
(d) He agrees with Clara.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Obi react to a song that the traders are singing while continuing his journey home on the wagon?

2. Where has Clara been living since returning to Nigeria?

3. Why does the Umuofia Progressive Union meet again to discuss Obi's case on the morning of the trial?

4. Who is Obi's new boss?

5. What bothers Obi when he sees his parents when he goes home?

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