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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9-11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What brings a bad end to the occasion at the end of the evening after the two couples have enjoyed themselves?
(a) Clara's money is missing from Obi's car.
(b) Christopher's car is missing from the parking lot.
(c) The couples are held up on their way to the car.
(d) Obi's car is missing from the parking lot.

2. Where does Obi take Clara to celebrate his new car?
(a) They go dancing at Okoro.
(b) They go to the beach.
(c) They go to Okala for a special dinner.
(d) They go to Ikeja for a special dinner.

3. How bad is the situation when Obi's insurance bill actually arrives?
(a) The insurance costs £42 and Obi has £13 in the bank.
(b) The insurance costs £60 and Obi has £15 in the bank.
(c) The insurance costs twice what Obi expected.
(d) The insurance has to be paid much sooner than Obi expected.

4. What descriptive passage communicates the setting and culture in the Onitsha market?
(a) Children are dancing and playing drums while women sell garri.
(b) There is a dancing beggar and men who sell "Long Life Mixture."
(c) Drunken men swagger in the street while women flirt and dance.
(d) To the sound of blaring local music, men are selling a concoction, women sell garri, and give to a dancing beggar.

5. What happens to Obi when he meets Clara for the first time?
(a) He is interested but cannot pursue her because he already has a date.
(b) He is completely rebuffed by her.
(c) He overlooks her beauty and only realizes he is interested in her after she is gone.
(d) He is tongue-tied and steps on her feet while dancing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the stance of the organization's leaders toward his involvement in bribery in the UPU's discussions about Obi's case?

2. How does Joseph respond when Obi tells him of Clara's refusal to marry him because she is osu?

3. How does Marie Tomlinson respond when she sees Obi's distress about his financial situation?

4. How is the veteran civil servant characterized when Obi first meets him and the boss comes in demanding a specific file?

5. What reason does Clara offer for saying she cannot marry Obi?

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