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Chapters 1-2

• At the High Court of Lagos and the Southern Cameroons, Justice William Galloway is about to sentence Obi Okonkwo.

• Obi feels tears in his eyes as the judge lectures him about having fallen so far in spite of his education and his promise.

• At the club bar, Mr. Green declares all Africans corrupt and unable to use Western education.

• The Umuofia Progressive Union (Lagos Branch) meets to discuss opposing views about Obi's lost case.

• The UPU members want to keep Obi out of prison over a ¬£20 bribe even though they think him foolish, strong-willed, and too inexperienced to know that he should not have taken the bribes personally, but through his houseboy.
• In a flashback to nearly five years earlier, Obi, an obvious choice, receives the UPU's first scholarship to study in England.

• Before his departure to Lagos, Obi's parents call a prayer meeting at their...

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