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Naomi Klein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Those who are working in a third world country have women who will work until they are ____________ or are too old to withstand the conditions.
(a) Bored.
(b) Injured.
(c) Pregnant.
(d) Married.

2. As a result of having so many more managers, the _________ class is beginning to diminish in size.
(a) Working.
(b) Middle.
(c) Lower.
(d) Upper.

3. The _________ culture is one of the places where culture jamming seems to have become a trendy way to improve sales.
(a) Health.
(b) Drug.
(c) Art.
(d) Music.

4. What is the main symbol of the Reclaim the Streets flag, as used in the UK to help take back culture?
(a) Star.
(b) Bomb.
(c) Skull and crossbones.
(d) Lightning.

5. In response to the weakening opportunities for the everyday person to get ahead, a sense of anti-corporate ___________ emerges.
(a) Activism.
(b) Commercials.
(c) Militancy.
(d) Democracy.

6. __________ is one company which decided to disassociate itself from genetically modified foods after a series of protests.
(a) Monsanto.
(b) Kraft.
(c) Hormel.
(d) Tesco.

7. Rob Lieber noted that the time of considering yourself an ___________ has passed. Rather, he notes that people should consider themselves as service providers.
(a) Asset to a company.
(b) Employee.
(c) Entrepreneur.
(d) Able bodied worker.

8. Contracted ________ work is becoming the norm for many companies, according to the findings of Klein.
(a) Factory.
(b) Underground.
(c) Slum.
(d) Home.

9. __________ was the first company to begin with the idea of shipping production overseas where it could be cheaper.
(a) Nike.
(b) Puma.
(c) Adidas.
(d) Reebok.

10. Which female magazine decided to go advertisement free in order to show its support of women and their own right to decide what they want to buy?
(a) Bust.
(b) Ms.
(c) Seventeen.
(d) Teen.

11. The ________ was a court case in 1994, which continued on for many years, discussing the right for Steel and Morris to create pamphlets against McDonald's.
(a) McAttack.
(b) McLibel Trial.
(c) McLies.
(d) McTreason Case.

12. Those who work at a Starbucks or a Borders are working there until they can __________________.
(a) Get done with school.
(b) Be in management.
(c) Afford to move out of their parents' house.
(d) Find something better.

13. __________, at the time of the printing of the book, had its own culture jamming site on the Internet, filed under 'alternative.'
(a) TNT.
(b) Yahoo!.
(c) Google.
(d) AOL.

14. The broader goal of the process in #139 is to take back the public _________ and to stop the corporations from taking over all of the public's senses.
(a) Mind.
(b) Truth.
(c) Conscience.
(d) Space.

15. The best way to make a difference, according to the author when speaking with students concerned about sweatshops, is to stay informed by using ___________.
(a) The Internet.
(b) The government.
(c) The courts.
(d) The company customer service line.

Short Answer Questions

1. Billboard __________ has now spread to hacking into Internet sites in order to show new messages.

2. When using a temporary staffing agency for the majority of employees, a company doesn't have to have a _____________ department.

3. What isn't being offered to many workers today, which saves the corporations millions and keeps stockholders happy?

4. Agent Blackberry of the Bionic Baking Brigade says to many corporate leaders, "To their lies, we respond with _______."

5. Long term jobs are now being replaced with _________workers who are supplied by staffing agencies.

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