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Naomi Klein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a company was sold, if the brand name was known and popular, a huge ___________ could be expected as a result.
(a) Party.
(b) Mark up.
(c) Loss.
(d) Celebration.

2. The introduction of ____________ helps to create synergy, but also drives out smaller stores who cannot compete.
(a) Price cutting.
(b) The Internet.
(c) Superstores.
(d) Malls.

3. In 1998, ________ tried to air a show on the safety issues at theme parks, but Disney, its parent company, killed it.
(a) CBS.
(b) TNT.
(c) ABC.
(d) NBC.

4. Identifying the segments of society which would be the most ____________ was the next level of branding.
(a) Interested.
(b) Profitable.
(c) Annoyed.
(d) Engaged.

5. "Branding in its truest and most advanced incarnations is about corporate _______________."
(a) Understanding.
(b) Transcendence.
(c) Organization.
(d) Belligerence.

Short Answer Questions

1. __________ bonuses are paid when the new executive comes on board, then the house cleaning of other workers begins to pay for this new management member.

2. Klein believes that it is a myth that _____________ are growing in today's day and times, according to her book.

3. Students on many college campuses are beginning to question the ________ arrangements as well as the partnerships in the universities.

4. The next level of branding, according to Klein, may be to turn entire cities into brand ____________.

5. Selection vs. __________ is a strategy in which consumers believe they have choices because of the large selection available.

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