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Naomi Klein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a company was sold, if the brand name was known and popular, a huge ___________ could be expected as a result.
(a) Mark up.
(b) Party.
(c) Celebration.
(d) Loss.

2. ___________ not only has a number of different spin off channels, but it also offers shops which hold a full scale model of a T. Rex.
(a) Nature.
(b) TNT.
(c) Discovery.
(d) TLC.

3. Retailers who want to maintain a __________ venue might need to reject certain types of music, movies, etc.
(a) Family.
(b) Effective.
(c) Trendy.
(d) Profitable.

4. The corporations pay the African American teens to wear certain items in order to become walking ___________ for the products.
(a) Sandwich boards.
(b) Infomercials.
(c) Arguments.
(d) Commercials.

5. When the hip hop trend began to move out of the black neighborhoods, companies started to create __________.
(a) New styles.
(b) Superbrands.
(c) New brands.
(d) Fake markets.

Short Answer Questions

1. The _________ has become the hottest commodity when it comes to the advertising culture.

2. Identifying the segments of society which would be the most ____________ was the next level of branding.

3. Where did the author's parents move in order to avoid the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s?

4. The marketplace is no longer __________ when the corporations control all of the media and the retail industries.

5. One of the CEOs of the MTV channel admits to the fact it is not about angst, but more about unbridled _____________.

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