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Naomi Klein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In order to stop the spread of the idea that companies were trying to infiltrate the culture, they began to produce _______ items, touting the coolness of uncool items from the years before.
(a) New.
(b) Shiny.
(c) Heavy.
(d) Retro.

2. Many more people were buying __________ brands in order to save money during tighter times in the market.
(a) Popular.
(b) Generic.
(c) Genetic.
(d) Old.

3. While larger big box stores do give people a large selection of goods, the consumer is still limited by the choice of __________.
(a) Prices.
(b) Retailer.
(c) Advertising.
(d) Brands.

4. The goal of branding was to establish a/an _____________ connection between the customer and the product.
(a) Emotional.
(b) Money.
(c) Loyal.
(d) Electric.

5. The world of __________ looked dingy by comparison, according to the author when she went to Disneyland as a child.
(a) Reality.
(b) Disney.
(c) TV.
(d) Books.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the media begins to focus more on global markets, stations try to avoid __________ other governments with critical coverage.

2. A larger company will help a school out so long as their __________ and products are prominently displayed in the school.

3. Since they wanted to remain cool, many of the __________ also began to follow along with market brand trends.

4. "Branding in its truest and most advanced incarnations is about corporate _______________."

5. ___________ is a retailer which has engaged in price wars, offering prices so low that no competitor can ever compete.

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