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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was the racist government of South Africa supported by Britain and the United States ?
(a) They had oil reserves.
(b) They were buying a lot of military equipment.
(c) They were a nuclear power.
(d) It was were anti-communist.

2. In what capacity did Tutu visit Rwanda?
(a) As president of the All Africa Council of Churches.
(b) As president of South Africa.
(c) As head of the TRC.
(d) As a private citizen.

3. Tutu believed the TRC saved South Africa from ______________.
(a) White domination.
(b) Black domination.
(c) The brink of disaster.
(d) Invasion.

4. What does Tutu maintain oppressors can do to their victims?
(a) Kill them.
(b) Make them doubt they are children of God.
(c) Torture them.
(d) Make them feel worthless.

5. What did Tutu's cancer help him do?
(a) Be more realistic about man.
(b) See a white doctor.
(c) See living as a good thing.
(d) Become more laid back.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tutu say Mandela's wife benefited from between 1992 and 1996?

2. What did Adriaan Vlok admit at his TRC hearing?

3. What does Tutu say the rebels did during apartheid?

4. What happened in Israel in the late 90's according to Tutu?

5. What type of cancer did Tutu find out he had while on the TRC?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Tutu say was shocking in "Chapter Ten, We Did Not Know"?

2. What did Tutu admit regarding the Anglican Church?

3. What were some black South Africans pressed into infiltrating?

4. What did Rwanda teach Tutu about genocide in "Chapter Eleven, Without Forgiveness There Really Is No Future"?

5. What did Tutu wonder about God in "Chapter Seven, We Do Want to Forgive, But We Don't Know Whom to Forgive"?

6. What did Tutu wonder about himself in "Chapter Nine, Why The Heck Am I Doing This Thankless Job?"

7. What accusation was made against a commissioner and how was it handled?

8. What did Tutu find out about himself in 1997?

9. How were individuals, the economy, and animals affected by apartheid terrorism?

10. Why were many graves opened?

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