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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What made Botha pathetic during his hearing at the TRC?
(a) His crying.
(b) His physical appearance.
(c) His stubbornness and anger.
(d) The number of lawyers he brought.

2. Who blamed Botha and his entourage for everything that went wrong at the end of the apartheid regime?
(a) The Security Group.
(b) The State Security Council.
(c) The State Senate.
(d) The South Africa Army.

3. What happened in Israel in the late 90's according to Tutu?
(a) Many Israelis were interested in hearing his message.
(b) Riots.
(c) Israelis refused to let him enter the country.
(d) Tutu visited Israel twelve times.

4. What did Tutu preach in Rwanda?
(a) The use of restorative justice.
(b) The use of Christian justice.
(c) The use of mob justice.
(d) The use of punitive justice.

5. How many people died due to Apartheid terrorism?
(a) 1.5 million.
(b) 0.5 million.
(c) 3.5 millions.
(d) 1.25 million.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Botha between 1988 and his hearing before the TRC?

2. What did Tutu wonder at the start of "Chapter Seven, We Do Want To Forgive, But We Don't Know Whom To Forgive"?

3. How many volumes did the TRC commission issue on Winnie Mandela?

4. How was Tutu's message of peace perceived by Israel?

5. What does Tutu say some black South Africans were forced to do in order to keep their family safe?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Tutu say was a profound sin?

2. Why did Winnie Mandela want the hearing to be open to the public in "Chapter Eight, This is My Brother, I Know These Shoes"?

3. What did Tutu find out about himself in 1997?

4. What does Tutu caution about forgiveness?

5. What did Tutu say was shocking in "Chapter Ten, We Did Not Know"?

6. Whose confessions implicated Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela's ex-wife?

7. What was the worst thing about apartheid according to Tutu?

8. What accusation was made against a commissioner and how was it handled?

9. Where was Tutu's message unpopular and why?

10. What did Tutu wonder about God in "Chapter Seven, We Do Want to Forgive, But We Don't Know Whom to Forgive"?

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